Are you a Gooner? Is Bating your thing or do you just want to find out more about it? . Jason Armstong has written Three well received books on the subject and One of his biggest fans is gay porn legend PAUL MORRIS Award winning Owner and Director at TreasureIslandMedia the studio now in it’s 23rd year of production responsible for the most watched Gay scene in history ‘The 1,000 Load Fuck’ and in our recent poll the runner up as Most Important Fetish Film Of All Time ‘ Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend’. Paul Morris sat down with Jason Armstrong for this exclusive fascinating chat on the ever-popular subject of Solosexuality beginning with Paul’s introduction followed by a couple of book segments.

Paul Morris: ‘I’ve said many times that a man’s bliss is always and easily within his reach.  And though it may seem that a man stroking his cock is alone, he’s connecting with the very nature of every man on the planet.  We are all the same man, sharing and celebrating one great universal lingam.  But we each have our own individual ways of connecting to, communing with, and growing closer to the universality of the sexual radiance that lives in our bodies, our genitals.  There’s a reason phallic worship is the oldest and most enduring religion, the deepest sacred practice to which each man has equal access.  We are, as men, initiates from birth.   Da Vinci wrote in his notebooks that “A man all by himself is a man all to himself,” meaning that in solitude we can learn about our nature, our reality in this life, this place, this body.  Solitude is the great luxury and a necessary right for each of us.    There are the two poles, then,  of our sexual practice: exploring alone or exploring with other men and boys.  One of the great advances we’ve made in the last decade is the acceptance of the creative and radical diversity of serious sexual practice among men.  And one of the more interesting instances of this exploration constitutes not only a new sexual movement but a Bonafide new sexuality: solo sexuality.  

It has many names with lots of connotations:  gooners, chronically addicted masturbators, pornsexuals, popperbators, and on and on.  I’ve connected with many gooners over the last several years.  One describes himself and his sex this way:  “I’m a virgin unemployed retard, gooning his mind away every day.  How can life get better?  My hand is the only sexual partner I will ever have or want.  Gooning is the only job I need.  Penis is a suitable substitute for brains.”  While you might disagree with some of this, every man on earth instinctively understands what he’s saying.  Like so many of us, he’s found a way to relinquish his life to the vast, ineffable and eternal power that fills our minds and bodies and is focused in the primordial magic of Phallus.  Going back to Da Vinci, the great polymath was careful to note what days were best for going to the public baths in order to observe nude men.  I’d be willing to guess that, genius that he was, Da Vinci was also a massively creative Renaissance gooner.

Jason’s first book, Solosexual: Portrait of a Masturbator, went to #1 on Amazon Kindle on its release in 2016 and was later published by dR Edizioni.  His Third book ‘The Happy Hypersexual’ , here are two paragraphs from the chapter “The Chronically Addicted Masturbator”:

1  ‘When the [Covid] lockdown started, I began working from home and bating more than ever. Online I was doubling down with my talk about being a chronically addicted masturbator and experimenting with just how much I could bate now that I didn’t have that gosh darn commute. On Twitter I began using the hashtag #hypersexual, and on BateWorld, I promoted the hell out of the Chronically Addicted Masturbators group. Just the admission of being a chronically addicted bator was an aphrodisiac. Through the group, I find so many men who fundamentally get it. We literally want dick to rule our lives. How far do these online strangers really take it? I ask them questions, like, “Do you have a job?” “Do you have any friends in the real world left?” The idea of being unemployed to bate all day, losing all your friends, collectively makes our dicks jump.’

2  ‘In a way, I was rebelling against a world that would like to lock down my sexuality, put it neatly into a box and make it palatable. My sexuality is pathological in their eyes. My sexuality challenges people. When I’m in the bate zone, all political correctness goes out the window and down the street. The dirtiest (and always legal) porn was my entry into another hemisphere of my brain. I was drinking whiskey like a fish and smoking my lungs out. I was trying on hedonism to the max, and it was a warm cloak. But I wondered: If I didn’t have to tear myself away from bating to do my job, would that cloak begin to feel like a straitjacket?.’


How much time are you putting into bating these days?

‘I’m bating 3X more than I ever did in my life due to lock down and working from home.  About 8 hours a night on weeknights and weekends, practically constantly!  And I still get my laundry done.’

From the books, it sounds like you have a bate ‘persona’ who dresses a certain way, smokes, drinks and digs deep into porn and pleasure.  Is this an alter ego or a part of yourself that you feel most comfortable acting out in private?

‘I feel there are two core parts of me:  The sexual man and the writer.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to integrate these two personas.  Have I integrated them with the other roles I play in life?  Probably not entirely, but I’m not sure that we need to.  To merge our personas into a comprehensive whole might be an unachievable—and maybe undesirable—goal.’

In your descriptions of your bate sessions, you describe always starting in the same way and with the same items—something to smoke (tobacco), something to drink, certain music, etc.  Is it about your cock or is it about being masculine?

‘Both. My cock and my masculinity are inextricably intertwined.  When being sexual, I roll around in the tropes and symbols of masculinity like a pig.’  
Do you think it’s possible that, rather than being a solosexual, guys who devote their sexual energy to bating might be called webisexuals? Or pornsexuals?  If you took away the infinite porn resources of the web, would solosexuality still flourish as it is?
‘Definitely.  Solosex for many bators is pornsex.’  

That leads me to ask an inevitable question (from a pornographer)—What do solosexuals do to support the production of porn? Aside from viewing the porn materials for free (on Twitter, for instance) what do they do to sustain and pay pornographers for giving you your sexuality?

‘In my first book, I wrote “While the Internet did not invent the practice of edging nor the idea of solosexuality, it revolutionized the ability to edge and to consider the possibility of being a solosexual.”  Going further in my latest book, I wrote a chapter called “The Pornosexual”. Porn is most certainly my “bate fuel” and yes, pornographers have certainly given me my sexuality, no doubt about it.  And I swear I’m not just saying this – I have been a paying member of Treasure Island Media for years and years!  Also, DickWadd and others.  But I have to say that it’d be hard to give back to porn commensurate with what it’s given me.’

Can you imagine or suggest ways in which solosexuals and pornographers could make each other’s lives better?

‘We might need to make a distinction between solosexuals and pornosexuals.  For some solosexuals, porn is not the major “bate fuel” – they might prefer something like “fone bone”, that is to say, masturbating with others on the phone.  But as a pornosexual myself, and to allude to your earlier question, it is imperative for us porn lovers to put our money where are dicks are and pay for porn.  And what we pornosexuals need is porn that is unapologetic and enthusiastic, not shy.  In my humble Xtube videos, I went big.  Are they too theatrical?  One bator told me he’d like to see a vid of me “dialled down”.  But in drama school we talked of “masturbatory” acting, ironically meaning acting that is fun only for the performer and not the audience.  Bating for me is rock n roll, and how can you dial down rock music.  I wanted my vids to be interesting, not just for me but for others.  Anthropologists a thousand years from now will decide what we bators on film accomplished.’

To the extent that a man has a “core” or a heart to his identity and sense of self, is what you do in your extended solo sessions who you are?

‘ Yes!  And I’m completely, utterly surprised by the fact that sexuality has this much importance to me.’

What would you say is missing in the solo sexual community?  

‘Validation.  A flag of our own in the Pride parade.  We solosexuals are so in the closet!  Masturbation is looked upon as something losers do.  What’s fascinating is that bators have turned that into a fetish.  The “loser bator” is the man who can’t help but bate his life away.  And on online forums, there is a friendly competition over who is the biggest “loser”.  But that is an aside, as not all solosexuals feel that way.  What I think to are the men who are solosexuals but also partnered.  They love their partners and hide their deep love of bating.  They’ve shared how being trapped with their partners 24/7 due to COVID-19 severely impeded the privacy they long for to bate as they once did.’

What would you say to people who say you’re imbalanced, obsessed, wasting your time with this?

‘They might be right!  But what of those who binge watch TV for hours a day.  Why do we not call them out on it? There is something about sexual gratification that our society deems extraneous and not essential to our wellbeing. I could definitely be spending my time volunteering.  So I’ve made a truce with myself:  A portion of the proceeds from my books goes to The Rainbow Railroad ‪  I write the way I do only because I have the privilege to live in a free society.  The Rainbow Railroad helps those who are persecuted for their sexual identity/gender expression escape.’

When you’re bating, do you hold on to certain porn images or video clips as special, as the ones you want to come looking at?

‘No, I am voracious for new porn!  On the site called Your Brain on Porn, they say that watching porn will change your brain chemistry to need more and more.  I plan to test that hypothesis until the day I die.’

Do you ever use the same images for multiple bate sessions? 

‘I don’t, but know many men who most certainly do.  But as an autosexual, I’ve been bating to the image of myself in the mirror since forever.’

Is solosex a time when you explore the fetishes in which you’re interested?  Is solosex a way to keep from actually engaging in those fetishes?  

‘Yes, to the first question, no to the second!  for example, I’m a pissbator, love to wet myself down!  But I love to explore this with other men too.  I love all the three fluids that come out of a cock:  Piss, Precum and Sperm!  In fact, when a dude cums on my face I will rush to a mirror to see what a fuckin’ whore I am.  But better to do that with a non-bator, as we bators often are edger’s and not apt to cum.  And twice I’ve gone to Wet N Hot in Palm Springs, billed as the biggest piss party on the planet.  The memories made there of being a piss slut has fuelled many of my bates!

You mentioned just now that a lot of bators refer to themselves (proudly) as “losers”.  You used the term in one of your answers above.  Do you see yourself as a bator loser?  What does that mean for you?  

‘For no reason in particular at all, I don’t often think about myself in that sense, but why the hell not?  And as you said, these loser bators are PROUD!  You’ve got to be committed to the bate lifestyle to be a good loser bator.  And let me tell you one thing for the next time you’re bating online.  If you come across a guy on social media who refers to himself as a loser bator, message him.  You will have a rollicking good time!’

‘I think of Ulysses and the Sirens—he wanted to survive but he also wanted to hear the Sirens so he had his men plug their ears with wax and tie him to the mast. The “Siren’s call” of unending male sex and porn is something we avoid as good bourgeois citizens, as “productive” men.  But we also sense that in complete surrender there’s the bliss that comes with the annihilation of the everyday self.   And there’s also the notion of the “queer art of failure” that Jack Halberstam writes about, the sense that there is a pride in being a loser in a straight society because that society is not only fucked up in every way, but because it thoroughly denies everything about what it means to be a realized queer human being.  ‘

So how would you address the Siren’s call of sex/porn and the proud moniker of “loser” among gooners in this light?

‘Your connections hit the nail on the head.  The Sirens, part woman and part bird. That they are depicted as luring sailors to their death with enticing song smacks of misogyny to me (and alludes to bestiality a bit perhaps?).  Yes, another morality tale meant to scare us into being those productive soldiers of the economy and sexually constrained.  But let’s talk about the Sirens:  What was their motivation?  Perhaps they were lonely and simply wanted the company of men?  Or were they perhaps avenging wrongs done to them?  I would like to see the tale told from their perspective.   The Queer Art of Failure sounds like it mirrors the loser bator mindset to a “T”, with norms being upended and sexual control refused. A capitalist society enslaves as much as any other economic/political regime.’  

Maybe our sexual practices are ways to either ameliorate our lives in the captive society or to reject that society.  Solosexuality certainly seems to do both.
‘In my third book, The Happy Hypersexual, I use the term “bullshit” to refer to the world we live in, and when I am bating, I want to annihilate the part of me that must play the game and I do so through masturbation.  They say no one wants to be a loser, but is the loser bator, who disavows winning in a corrupt, unjust world, the loser really? Or, has he found the secret?’

You’ve said that your sex is revolutionary.  Is this what you mean by that?

‘When I say that solosexuality and pornosexuality are revolutionary, I mean to say that they are monikers for a new type of sexual man.  This subculture was born out of the age of the Internet – through online porn, camming, online forums, etc.  The Internet perhaps did not create the solosexual, but I do reckon it gave birth to the pornosexual.  As for the chronically addicted masturbator, I recall Alfred Kinsey writing decades ago that the only compulsive masturbators he saw were the insane in the asylums.  This was pre-Internet.  Well, I say get me a room in the loony bin, but make sure it has wi-fi!’

I’d probably say that Kinsey was correct and that what he said still applies, except that the world has become an asylum and gooning non-stop is one way to survive this universal madhouse.     

This question was in the paragraphs you sent me: “But I wondered: If I didn’t have to tear myself away from bating to do my job, would that cloak begin to feel like a straitjacket? “What’s your answer to that question now?

‘I may never know the answer to that.  I don’t bate full time as I have a full-time job.  As much as I resent my job, I’m cognizant that it does keep me somewhat on the straight and narrow.  For example, I only drink booze when being sexual (otherwise I don’t see the point).  But if I were bating all day, how much would I drink?  I’m not blind to the possibility that anything can be taken too far.’

I’ve been talking lately with lots of men who wear chastity devices 24/7 or have decided to have their cocks removed.  What are your thoughts on that?  
‘There is an ancient quote by Terence that reads: “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”, or “I am human, and nothing human is alien to me.” While I don’t have a personal interest in chastity devices, everything about male sexuality interests me.’

What’s your next book going to be about? 

‘I could never, ever compare myself to Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, but when asked why she never wrote another book, her answer was “I said all I had to say.”  I think that way sometimes, but who knows what the future holds – don’t count me out for another book!’

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Written by Paul Morris

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