Shane Frost is a gay legend. A well known porn star who a few years ago set himself up as a Gay model agent. Move forward to 2020 and his agency is the biggest on the planet with a huge number of the hottest men on his books including many very famous names. His clients are some of the biggest gay film studios and clothing retailers/sex toy manufacturers & promoters going. So if you ever wanted to become a model in Alphatribe, on posters, promoting fetish events or in hot gay porn then apply at today as he would love to here from you. PAUL STAG spoke exclusively to Shane Frost in his first major International interview.

Who is Shane Frost and how did you discover your gay sexuality? 
When I was younger I loved to watch pro wrestling. Since I was 6 I knew it turned me on…When I was 12 I would put on wrestling events with my neighbor and his older brother where we would get in our underwear and wrestle.  One thing lead to another and after a few weeks of doing that my friend and I took it further to where he fucked me.  My dick was too big to fuck him so I ended up being the bottom, lol.  The best part was he would always tell me not to say anything around his brother or else he would kill me..little did he know I blew his brother as well. We only did it twice, but it was hot.  They both were soccer players, so the older brother especially was ripped.

How did you get into porn modelling and who were your idols?
When I was 22 I was about $20,000 in debt, so my best friend Luke Hass told me I should do porn…and so I did!  I loved watching Brent Corigan and Brent Everett videos…I would fantasize about “bare-backing across America” all the time.

You were a hugely successful condom star and now you just love bareback, do you wish sometimes that you were born 10 years later when everything is BB – how did that transition go through your modelling career, was there pressure from studios either way or stigma?  
100%  I HATED doing condom shoots…But I needed to make money so I did it…If I do anymore movies in the future it will be bareback or nothing.  Even when I go to a bath house, I toss the condoms over to the next room. “Sorry bro, I don’t have any condoms!”

You have been in so many great porn films but two stick out for us firstly Pack Attack: Shane Frost from Hothouse. What an honour to have your name in a DVD title and especially of such a important gang bang series where you are the only bottom. Can you tell us about filming that?  
Honestly it was hell, lol.  It was a condom shoot so my ass was killing, and not in a good way after 10 hours of getting fucked.  I’d love to do it again one of these days but raw…I really love Russian and German pigs, maybe one day I can come to Europe and we can do an American boy breeding. 😉

Of course in that film you are a caged puppy with a butt plug tail which the readers of our Pupdate magazine will be jerking over for months. Are you into the pup scene and what do you make of it’s rise up the fetish world in importance and visibility over the last decade?
 To be honest, walking around in a pup mask and tail was hot.  I would love to do that in public somewhere.  Maybe have a dude walk me on one leash and his real puppy on the other. I love exploring all kinds of fetishes. 

Your other fan favourite is The Other Side Of Aspen 6 which is part of that legendary series that basically on their own built Falcon studios is a classic old guard expensive location shoot. What was that experience like and how hot was it being fucked by the incredible Landon Conrad?  
I honestly was really humbled that they wanted me for this shoot so needless to say I was very nervous.  Everyone on set was really welcoming, not to mention all of the dudes a guy would want around half naked all the time.  Woof! 😉

What is your own personal favorite scene and why?
I have a few that I remember to this day…Mario Costa and I did a small scene in Florida but we had an amazing connection, had a blast with him.  Same goes for Tate Ryder, Draven Torrez, Brent Corrigan and Tory Mason, had a blast with those guys for sure.

You have since diversified your career and monetized your brand so what are you up too now ?
These days I put all my time and effort into running where I represent models and try and get them work with all of the major porn studios & companies.  It’s a tough job but I love it!

It is true to say that you are now recognized as the biggest casting agent in the gay sphere so how do you find your models and what is the process if any of our readers think they have what it takes such as a 14 inch cock a huge bubble butt or Dwayne Johnson type muscles?  
We work with close to 100 porn studios and directors that cast models of all shape, size, background etc….You don’t need to be ripped, or super hung to work with every studio, some just like the “boy/guy next door” type….As long as a model has a general good look and they are easy going and reliable, we can often find them work.

As someone who has been in the industry for 15 years wearing so many hats what do you make of the current explosion of fansites?
It’s a catch 22 if you ask me.  Porn just doesn’t pay models what it used to say ten years ago.  When I first started I remember a studio telling me “We can only pay you $1750”, meaning they normally pay a lot more but that’s all they could do at that time.  Nowadays models are lucky to get a fraction of that as that’s just where the business is at…so models will go the route of doing fan sites as they can make more money that way but they need the studio name often to do well.  It hurts the overall “gay porn” industry as why pay money to see so and so on yada yada’s site when you can pay $5 or so dollars and see all their home videos on their fan site, there is no distance now and star quality and aura is diminished….It’s where the times are these days so we all have to just do our best and adapt!

What are the other current trends in the porn and modelling industry that you think are important and what do you think it will look like at the ed of the next decade?
I think the studios that make it to 2030 will be the ones that aren’t stuck to the DVD format or the normal “upload a scene” format, rather they are willing to adjust with the times and present some unconventional formats and content that can really grab the fans attention (and wallet). Whether fansites will last well it is too early to tell.

Does the casting couch exist in Gay Porn….our entire readership of potential models really hope there is?
Haha, if you would of asked this questions ten plus years ago the answer would be yes.  Nowadays not so much…Most studios run things like a legit company and all that entails with that.  The “casting couch” is now often a Skype interview to be honest unless you are lucky, lol.

How has your career and current role affected your personal life?
Porn and “Shane Frost” in general has become a really big part of my life as I go by “Shane Frost” more so than my real name, lol.  All of the models that I represent know me as “Shane” Most of the studios know me as just “Shane”, most of the people I meet in real life at gay bars, circuit parties etc know me as “Shane” as well.  My close friends don’t call me Shane but outside that, I’m really “Shane” throughout the day, every day…so to answer your question I’d say it’s completely taken over, lol.  I don’t take it too serious though and keep a level head about it so I guess that’s why it’s worked out to be okay this way for such a long time.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened on set or in your professional adult career?
I was in the middle of a shoot with some kid and he said he needed to go smoke.  He went outside in just his boxers and he literally never came back, lol. To this day I still have no idea what happened to him.  I guess he wasn’t into me all that much. 
If you had to do Pack Attack 6 now which 5 tops would you ask Hothouse to book for you? Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Javier Baez…Those three would suffice for me!

What advise would you give to any guys thinking of doing porn in 2020 and how can they apply to your company or just follow you/find out more?
Just be sure that it’s something that you want to do…once it’s out there it’s out there.  I’ve never had any negative things happen in life because I’ve done porn but everyone’s personal life and family life is different, so I just say be sure you are okay with the world seeing you fuck or naked on camera. If you are then we’d love to receive your application and you can do so at!


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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