Sepp Of Vienna is the very popular Austrian artist who is rapidly becoming known as the ‘New Tom Of Finland’ for his amazing gay fetish art. He has shown his art at Darklands Antwerp and so Paul Stag asked him to select 10 images in no particular order that he himself particularly likes or that have a special meaning to him which you can see below. You can find many more images online and follow him on his blog too.

Many of his images are for sale and original prints are produced in a very limited number, printed on heavy handmade paper (format ca. 38 x 56 cm / 15 in x 22 in). Also available are hand signed posters, greeting cards, an anniversary or a perpetual calendar, as well as an extensive catalogue detailing his work. Definitely a nice gift for friends, masters, slaves, your favourite fetish journalist, Vladimir Putin or just yourself.


Picture by Daniel Suy

aka Sepp Engelmaier comes from the northern part of Lower Austria. He studied graphic art, works also with photography and lives as graphic designer and artist in Vienna. ”Since my early childhood, drawing has been my biggest passion and strength. While in kindergarten it was still cars, the fascination of the 1950’s; it was during the time of Catholic boarding school that scenes of suffering at the crucifixion of Christ, surrounded by muscular Roman soldiers, prevailed in my study books. Being a late-bloomer, I came out at 24, when I quickly found my sexual preference to be leather and S&M. I’m one of the founder of LMC Vienna, leather & motorbike community. For friends of the club, shops, bars, as well as other international leather clubs and organizations, as Folsom Europe, ECMC – European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, Tom of Finland Foundation, New York City Gay Men Chorus, Mr.B. Amsterdam, RoB London, Spexter Munich etc. I have create numerous works of art. I’m a artist, active, committed, motorbike and bicycle rider and car fetishist and interested in architecture.”

10 of the artists favourite images

Motif 01: CockSucker I 1997

Motif for the “CockSucker” Bar in Milano, Italy. Thereby had start this kind of my “Gay Male EroticArt”. For the first time, after scribbles and a final drawing, I had scan it and finished with Photoshop in the computer. Printed as Fine Art Edition.

Motif 57: LeatherBears 2010

A photo of two hot and horny men to have inspired me to this artwork. In front a younger black hairy guy and the older blond hairy daddy type on his backside hold them on his arm and leather belt. Woof!

Motif 49: Cabin No 5 2007

“The Scent of Intimacy!” is the subtitle of this motif – a play on words recalling a very different smelling brand 😉 In this piece of art for the first time I assembled a drawing and a photo. In the background you can see a photo of a public toilet, that I shot in Nuremberg Germany many years ago. Sex in public toilets was a very special kick to me in my life.

Motif 51: Could it be love 2008

Yes, it’s not a question, it could be love! A motif inspired by BVSM e.V. Berlin, a German S&M association.

Motif 38: S’X PACK 2004

This motif was created for a benefit auction for the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus. A very special version of this image was acquired during a special public auction on 6th November 2005 in New York City. It sold for around US$700.00. The picture shows from left to right standing, my man Frank, Andreas a friend and mediatorial of the act, and Akos Piros, friend and porn actor. With the three guys in front to fake a porn setting.

Motif 60: Berlin Skin 2011

This guy is a detail of the motif and was created for Folsom Europe in 2011. On the arm there is a sticker with a swastika to cross from a red bar, that meen “No Nazis!” From start 2004 till 2011 every year I had create a motif for Folsom Europe. After my man’s death in 2011 I did had stop this kind of art.

Motif 22: C.S.D.Hamburg 2000

For my 1st exhibition in Hamburg at Hotel Koenigshof I had this fantasy of three hot men with one sexy sailor on the ship’s railing. C.S.D. means Christopher Street Day or Cap San Diego, as you like 😉 At the opening auction a special print was sold for the benefit of Hamburg Leuchtfeuer.

Motif 25: Hey, Lucky! 2001

In 2000 or 2001 I received a letter with a story by SHARP, and the order to create a illustration to this. Later I found that had come from Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles, USA, for a art contest.

Motif 61: 40 Years of ECMC 2013

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ECMC – European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs from1974 – 2014, I had create a poster with a compilation from different character of my men. My “Sepp of Vienna men”. And as you can see, I prefer butch, beefy and hairy men 😉

Motif 63: MAS – Mannen aan de Stroom 2016

In the course of Antwerp Leatherpride I had show my art on a booth at the fetish market, and I had offer a special poster for this event. It was a little wordplay with MAS – Museum aan de Stroom and MAS – Mannen aan de Stroom ;-)))


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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