RYDER GEAR – The Original gay fetish gear now comes home with modern designed superb authentic biker gear….for the gay market and our allies with a zipper in the back for ease of play access.

The modern gay fetish look is now as varied as our perverted imaginations. Back when we had to blend in more with straight men with homosexuality being illegal and homophobia and the closet both being rife the easy route to go was to look like a leather clad biker. One of our default origins was of course Marlon Brando’s rebellious and anarchic ‘The Wild One’ in 1953 and the black leather biker jacket and his steed entered gay folklore and we have embraced the biker look ever since. What we have always needed is a gay fetish retailer who gets how horny guys look on bikes and, in their gear, and knows how to make it look varied and as interesting as possible to the modern kinkster whilst making the outfits truly authentic…and in as many colours as there is in the gay rainbow. So, we have RYDER GEAR the American based company who attends many of our biggest leather markets at circuit events like IML and CLAW who are here to bring us full circle and get hot men in great designed biker gear into our leather bars and dark rooms and have you bent over their hogs for an exhaust inspection in no time. PAUL STAG spoke to the Evel Knievel of gay motorbike gear who runs the operation the hot as hell ‘RYDER’ himself.

How did Ryder Gear get started? 
– Longtime leatherman and gearhead first and foremost. Like many leathermen, I was inspired by Tom of Finland from a young age. While in the Navy I developed a love for motorcycles and sportbike riding, touring, and racing. After my service I wanted to treat myself to a classic leather suit. Anyone with a leather sportbike gear fetish will know of the incredibly stylish and sexy Dainese T-Ages of the 1990’s. No longer in production and rare collectors’ items these suits can go for many thousands and that is if you can find one. So, I reached out to major brands about having custom work done for me. The cost was outrageous and the looks of disgust received when I asked for a rear zipper just lit a fire under me. I reached out to the riders, racers, and leather craftsmen I knew from racing in Italy (2012-2015). I shared some of my ideas, sketches, and design concepts. They taught me leathercraft and helped me make my first suit. Soon after I had requests from friends and friends of friends and Ryder Gear was born. It wasn’t long before I contracted a professional manufacturer and had the racing gear certified. All the designs remain mine, and for private clients they work 1:1 with me to design their gear, but I have a staff that professionally manufactures and certifies the gear. Of course, as a gearhead, in addition to leather moto gear, we make any and all kinds of kinky, gay, and bondage gear for sale and for fun. To this day I still reach back to the group that got me started and taught me everything I know. 

Ryder Gear is very much a passion project with teams and collaboration from all over the world. We always look to improve our techniques, find new technologies, and achieve higher quality and CE Ratings. We were some of the first to experiment with new leather tanning technology and it’s how we can make both classic leather gear and very bold new designs with bright colors, styles, and patterns. With our custom digital imprinting process, we can even tattoo the most complex designs into genuine leather to create some of the most unique pieces in the world. Our latest is an Inferno Red Military Camo Suspension Deluxe Sleep Sack with Quad Tab Front Zipper, Ass Zipper, Foot Fipper, Nipple Access, Leather Lining, Internal Arm Sleeves, Leg Pillow, Leather Lining, Paracord Tightening, and D-Ring Belts.

Are you a biker yourself and what was your first bike, your current ride (s) and what would be your all-time dream bike?
 I am. My first bike was a used Ducati Monster 620ie. I bought it at my first duty station when I was in the Navy. Today I have a Ducati Monster 1200 S Stripe for street and canyon riding and a Suzuki GSXR 600 for track days and racing. My all-time dream bike would be a Ducati Superleggera 1299 R. It’s basically the street legal version of a MotoGP racing prototype bike.

Your gear is bespoke and tailored to the specific choices of each and every customer so what are your male and gay fetish guys currently looking for in their biker leathers?
Every customer is truly different, but every customer is really looking for a unique piece created just for them and with no other copies out there. They want to express themselves, live out their wildest leather fantasies, and know they are doing it with the highest quality available on the market. Gear for gearheads, made by gearheads. The rear access zipper is a popular request and recently we started making our first race suit with a detachable codpiece.

It may be difficult to answer for a bespoke fetish gear company but what are your most popular items? 
By far the most popular are our R-Age 1 Piece suits in black and red with a rear access zipper. The next most popular are our new line of super deluxe custom sleep sacks and Fluorescent Color Piped Bulldog Harnesses and Jockstraps.

The gay fetish scene started with the leather biker look of Marlon Brando as ‘The Wild One’ back in 1953 and through the 60’s and 70’s black biker gear was the wardrobe of choice of gay men passing through Al Pacino in Cruising and on to the wonderful Village people biker himself So when did biker gear become so colourful as your brand is today?
 – Actually, not to pat myself on the back, but I believe that Ryder Gear played a huge role in bringing COLOR to gear. We were one of the first to use primary fluorescent colors, and to adapt the digital imprinting for use in motorcycle grade leather for suit, jacket, glove, and boot production. We didn’t invent it,  but we definitely saw the demand for it in the market, and the big brands (Dainese, Alpinestars) wanted nothing to do with it. They want mass production and care not to deliver individuality at a reasonable cost. We are happy to fill the gap in the market. 

How do you come up with your designs and where do you get your ideas from? I see inspiration everywhere.
Of course, the classic movies, and gear from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Tom of Finland, and the IMLs competitors, but my biggest inspiration is the kinky minds of my customers. They give a vague idea of what they are looking for and that kicks off my creative mind to make it a reality. I am not a painter, sculptor, or musician. However, leather is my art, and like any artist I look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere.

We see models in your gear on the road, track, snowboarding and at clubs but what other uses can Ryder Gear be put too by our readers?
 We have done gear for car racing, street luge, motocross, mountain biking,  and skydiving. I even have a few pilots that fly in Ryder Gear!

What is the strangest request you have had? 
Haha, oh man, a top 5 would be easier…. but indeed the kinky minds of Ryder Gear clients will never cease to amaze me. We have made gear to fit over men wearing full American football pads, to merging a leather suit and police riot gear, to couture runway shawls. You name it, we can do it and we love a challenge.  

IML39 & Alphatribe writer Ralph Bruneau is a huge fan, who else would be your dream model that you would like to see in Ryder Gear? 
Having Ralph (IML 39), James (IML 40), and Jack (IML 41) all sporting Ryder Gear is of course a huge honor for me and my brand. In the gay porn world, my 15-year-old self would absolutely die to see Matthew Rush of the early 2000’s with his chest zipper open and cock out in some Ryder Gear. From a Movistar angle I’d love for Ryan Reynolds to do the same in a custom edition Deadpool set of leathers I made for him. *Devilface*

You are a US Navy veteran what was the high point & worst point of your military service? 
High Point the day I qualified as a US Submarine Officer. One of the proudest moments of my life. Worst point…. well, that’s CLASSIFIED. *winkyface*
What is the gay scene like in San Diego at the moment where you are based? 
The San Diego Gay scene is great. We are a diverse group, with a neighborhood (Hillcrest) all our own. SD is often overlooked as our neighbors to the north of West Hollywood in LA, and the Castro in SF take most of the press, but Hillcrest was also a site of much protest and oppression in the 60’s. Our leather scene in SD needs some new events and a larger space. The leather and kink scene is mostly in homes and dungeons; However, there are some great organizers that are making Kink and Leather parties more regular in Hillcrest and our monthly leather Swap Meats have been hugely successful in recent months. The 2020 leather and fetish ball was one of the best leather and kink parties I’ve ever attended and was literally 2 weeks before the world locked down in Feb 2020. 

How can our readers find out more about Ryder Gear and pick their own wonderful new leather biker suit? 
Great question; They can write me at Visit for Moto Gear info, and for Kink Gear info. Follow us on twitter @rg_pup, facebook @rydergearllc, or instagram/RECON/telegram/tiktok/pupspace @rydergear.

Hopefully after the Coronavirus our readers can see your wonderful gear at our top fetish events like CLAW, MAL and IML meanwhile we know our readers will love using your user-friendly website to make their own custom gear.  Ryder says ‘We will absolutely be back for the big leather events! We can’t wait!’ ” as for the pandemic it was rough for us as with most small businesses, but Ryder Gear is passion driven and we have persevered, at some personal sacrifice I can proudly say that I kept my full staff employed and busy. We had several cases within the team, but thankfully everyone has fully recovered. We are very fortunate and thankful for that. We took this time to improve our product quality and reinforce our supply chains. We are proud to say that we are more ready and able to serve our community than ever before!.

…..and with that Ryder road off into the Californian desert sun on the look for other hot hog riders into gear…hopefully with that all important zipper in the back over their ass.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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