Rush on Darklands tickets

Last Friday Darklands announced their dates for 2022. The festival moves from February to May, 4 till 9 May 2022 to be precise. The news resulted in a rush for tickets like they never saw before. It’s obvious that we’re all longing to get together again says Jeroen Van Lievenoogen, organizer of Darklands.

In the 24 hours after the announcement the festival had sold already 5 times the amount of tickets compared to the first day of sales back in 2019. Another 24 hours later 23% procent of available tickets were gone. If you are going for one of the all inclusive tickets you might want to hurry up. Despite a higher number on sale this year, the Dark World Passes have sold out for 50% and Alpha Madness Passes are going quick at 25% right now. And as expected the Horse Fair tickets are selling quick as wel, of course, the mares take the lead with only 51 tickets left.

Jeroen Van Lievenoogen: “We had hoped for good sales, or at least the same level of the 2022 edition, but this exceeds our wildest dreams. It would have been a difficult situation if sales were slow the first few months as we wouldn’t have an idea where it would end and that might have consequences for the budget. But this means we can go all the way with the plans we had in mind.


Because of the early high sale numbers, Darklands has already launched their ticket barometer where you can track availability of each ticket including an indication of the speed at which they sell or the amount of tickets left.

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Written by Alexander Müller


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