RUIN THE C*NT review

Treasure Island Media released a new movie by director Paul Stag, one of Alphatribe’s closest A huge collection of brand-new handpicked scenes from the World’s leading award-winning bareback porn studio. This time the emphasis is entirely on variety of hot men of all looks that we spend our lifetimes chasing. Starring a veritable United Nations of talent there are guys here of so many different nationalities and looks breeding like crazy in a multitude of accents and styles…it’s like a coca cola advert with huge amounts of jizz rather than fizz and it would even make Kofi Annan into a multi lingual cock hungry sub. A whopping 11 scenes featuring 22 incredibly hot men with at least a couple bound to become your new all-time favourites in your late-night fantasy wank bank with a massive running time so as you will never see the same shag twice providing incredible value for money to boot. As an example, see the scene ‘Russian Invasion’ where the top two Russian porn stars of all time Dmitry Osten and Mars Gymburger go to war on the Spanish newbie hole of Santi Noguera which stands little chance of dealing with and surviving those two weapons of ass destruction completely ungaped.  The film includes such AT favourites as Pitbull, JafarXXX, Jay Red, Man mountains Massimo Arad and Lex Anders, Alon Kemey, Maxence Angel, Fetish DJ superstar Antonio Miracle, Hottest daddy in the World Pete Jackman, most famous real life military man/porn star (See recent AT interview) Marc McAulay, arguably the biggest star working today Drew Dixon, the breakout new star of 2021 Johny Barewood in 2 appearances and many others


The hugely taboo and controversial ‘Good Muslim Boy’ is worth the price alone. With gays in the Muslim World being a current hot topic and the ongoing illegality of gay relationships let alone gay fucking being as rare as a Condom in Berlin; seeing two guys from that religion going hard at it balls deep is a very horny First. The fact that the now massively popular JafarXXX is one of the most aggressive tops we have ever seen and he always screws or more realistically ‘destroys’ manholes in full Arabic gear is stunning or indeed shocking depending on your views. The lucky or unlucky recipient of his full-blown anal assault is Pan Bash well-known to our readers from his large interview still available online about life as a gay Muslim and an International porn star to boot….after this Pan bash is now having to learn to walk again!. You will never look at any Middle Eastern news bulletin again after this without getting a major boner as it will be forever burnt on to your retinas.


TIM scenes are always shot in real time and are the most realistic sleazy porn there is which is why the Studio is now in a record breaking 23rd year with an endless list of Awards most often in the Fetish categories. When filming as soon as the models are ready, they just go for it and the cameras are never ever switched off and in no time another natural unfaked classic is in the can. Most importantly there is no staging, scripts, scenarios, bad acting pretending that the plumber or pizza boy has just arrived (with a perfectly lubed hole and a cock immediately as hard as steel as it pops out of his pants) or the minute the customs officer sees a dildo in your suitcase has to shove it up his manhole, this is real life and could happen to you. The studio uses all the big stars it feels have the TIM factor when they need to but really focusses on finding new guys to film as it’s about real guys of the street doing the nasty not 25 hour a week gym lads with muscles on muscles on top of their steroids pretending they are superheroes or gladiators. It’s the boy next door, the boyfriend you wish you had, tomorrows Scruff/BBRT hook-up or as hopefully as close to your own sex life or what you hope and can get on a Friday night as possible.


The film took over a year to make and in this era of repetitive production line quickly produced, badly lit and edited (often illegal) fansite content it is a breath of fresh air to see an all sex quality film full of ideas and variety….and those accents and their verbal will raise your shaft faster than you can say Viagra. Basically, it is not trying to be a Netflix binge watching drama starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant as it exists purely to get you off hard and fast many, many times probably for several years to come. The words all killer no filler have never been more relevant. Perfect for dipping in and out off any time you have the need to bust your nut and Grindr has let you down yet again with all its endless timewasters. With more cum than an Ozzie flood this is a must purchase available in so many different formats that you will return to time and again like your favourite porno’s of the past, you know the ones you keep and return too, time and again. A film that just wants to look like, sound like and smell like your actual real sex life with the sort of guys you could or do meet daily.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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