Provincetown, or P-Town as it is more commonly known, is located due east from Boston on the beautiful Cape Cod peninsula. The Cape pokes out into the Atlantic and is famously where the pilgrims landed in 1620 to start the three little countries we now know as Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

Back in the 1960s, Cape Cod was home to artists and bohemian politicians. And then, like Greenwich Village in New York and The Castro in San Francisco, the gays moved in. Thanks to the ‘pink dollar’ and the sheer class and taste that gay men and our lesbian friends bring to an area, P-Town has become better and better ever since. And it’s evolved into a fantastic gay holiday destination.

Provincetown is very seasonal, like the other East Coast queer jewel, Fire Island. The town has a population of just 3,000 through the winter (and just as many dogs which makes us love P-Town even more). But during the ‘Season’, which runs from April to October, it grows enormously. The population peaks in August with the P-Town Gay Carnival where 100,000 ass-eaters squeeze into the three-mile long, two-storey town.

The town is flat and compact, so everything is within walking distance. Bike hire is popular and the local town bus costs just a dollar. Taxi fares are capped so it’s US$7 from anywhere to anywhere.

Provincetown is as gay as fuck. There are many bars, clubs, and eateries – all clinging to the two streets which curve around the beaches. There’s an idyllic harbour full of seamen (of both varieties) all summer long. The main attraction is the endless beaches and fantastic dunes. And as we all know, in gay code ‘dunes’ actually means cruising for outdoor cock.

There is so much to do here. You can investigate the lighthouse, take whale and dolphin spotting boat trips, and enjoy the many sunset and sunrise events. There are endless galleries, museums, and places of historical interest. Plus thousands of hairy bear asses to investigate! The locals are very eager to please.

For the fetish traveller there are special events every week. They range from pool parties to tea dances and the inevitable club nights (many within sight of the ocean). The big entertainment complex is the Crown and Anchor which has a choice of entertainments every day and night. There are drag shows, beer busts, and pop and house events in various rooms. Other notable places for the discerning Alphatribe pig are Monkey Bar, The Club, A-House (guess what the A stands for – ass or Atlantic?), the Provincetown Inn, and the incredible Club Purgatory.

There are two sprawling tent-pole events to attract the fetish pigboy and his puppy (and their real dog). First up is Bear Week which falls in mid-July, followed by the Gay Carnival in mid-August every year.

During Bear Week, the 14-member ‘Provincetown Bears’ committee – who together look like the hottest bear porn gang bang that can only dream of putting together – host nine very long and hairy days of bear fisting, fucking, and sucking by the Atlantic. And you’ll be doing it under some of the most impressive sunsets you will ever see.

The Bear Week schedule is massive, and it is very impressive. We stopped counting at 100 bear attractions. They include pool parties, beach parties, a bear market, sing-a-longs, beer busts, cocktail parties, and club nights with international DJs. European deck stars such as Paul Coals and Lee Harris flew in especially for the 2019 edition. Resident porn stars include the very hairy ex-footballer and muscle mountain Jesse Jackman, and furball Dirk Caber who was recently voted one of the most important porn models of the last decade.

LET’S GET THIS IN BOLD – THIS IS THE BIGGEST AND BEST BEAR EVENT (and best run) IN THE WORLD. Other bear events around the world could learn a lot from these boys.

The Gay Carnival is the busiest week in P-Town’s year, and man is it fun. It’s gay, gay, and as queer as Kylie and Gaga dancing to Like a Virgin. There are events all week and more big names (Drag Race winner Trixie Mattel was one of the 2019 stars). Carnival also includes a great costume ball. It all leads up to the main parade on the Saturday afternoon. Think Disney but with less mice and lions and more naked ass and man chest. It has been called the Rio of the North and we get it.

P-Town is the greatest gay destination you have never visited. Attend Bear Week or the Gay Carnival and you will have bragging rights over your mates who go to the same event year in year out. And your pics and selfies will beat theirs hands town… this is one beautiful location. They say you must see Naples (Italy), sit on Rocco Steele’s cock, and get your ass rimmed by Blue Bailey before you die. But if you’re a bear you must visit Provincetown before you die… That’s the rules of the ursine world. We don’t make ‘em, we just do as we are told. •

Provincetown is gay as fuck. There are bars, clubs and restaurants, but also beaches, dunes and seamen. And for the fetish traveler there is plenty of things to do.

You can get there by plane, car, and train. There is also a ferry from Boston which takes a scenic 90-minutes and avoids the notorious traffic jams caused because there is only one road in and out of P-Town.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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