Alphatribe is honoured to have an exclusive interview by Paul Stag & our Australian contributor Sebastian of the Van Gogh with the talented knob, the Constable of cock creativity and the Canaletto of the sexy canvas. Pricasso is the worlds most famous fetish artist and without doubt the most talented penis on mother earth.

Before life as Pricasso, you spent some time in building and carpentry. What inspired you to go from working with wood, to working with, er, wood?
More than 20 years ago I got divorced for the second time and lost the second house and pretty much everything else. All I had left to loose was my dignity. I had tried to be normal mainly to conform to what my Dad expected me to be but after two divorces and 3 kids I never wanted to go there again.
I’ve always been interested in the obscure and sexual. Being a secret shy exhibitionist, it took me several years working in the building trade before I was comfortable with my toned body. As a hobby I was sketching portraits at Sunday markets not so much for the money but I just love the challenge, the praise and contact with the punters.
This led me to start modelling nude for art classes, and wanted desperately to experiment with alternative life style choices; nudists clubs, fetish clubs, I guess I was obsessed with my penis.
A lady at the market wanted me to paint a nude of here which I did at here house. I was invited to join Club Libertine Brisbane and performed there for the first time by lifting a Japanese girl, tied to my genitals, off the ground about a foot before it became too painful.

A short time later I made a silicone penis and mask for a performance art installation. First I had to paint white and stood like a stud on a revolving pedestal like Michael Angelo’s David.
Back in the 60’s I went to an all boys boarding school where I was the smallest boy in the school. At 13 I was 4 foot 3 inches tall blond hair and blue eyes, so I had lots of friends mostly older boys and had a great education in being Gay. Checking out the gay scene was a lot of fun and I loved the uninhibited characters I met along the way.
Around that time I saw a show called Puppetry of the Penis and realised these guys had the best job in the world, making people laugh and playing with their dicks, I straight away thought I could paint with mine, a light bulb moment. It took 2 years of experimenting before I was good enough to perform in public , its not easy.

Can you walk us through the process of creating a typical commissioned piece?
People email me photos all the time but I get so many invitations from shows overseas that it would be an impossible to paint them all. I apologise to all those which I don’t have time to paint for.
When I’m at home I project the photo onto my studio wall. I put on fake tan, make up and shave my body. Especially pubes and bum crack as these are the areas the camera focuses in on mostly. I put on my Pricasso costume and set up the camera at shoulder height position. I take a part of my costume off including my pants and start painting.
After I have painted the background using my testicles to scrub the paint around the canvas and bum to smooth it all in I am ready to ruff it in, so I move the camera closer and down to penis height and draw in the facial features dipping the head of my penis into the paint which I have set in small cups set into a revolving paint tray. By request of the customer an XXX rated video can be recorded where I it shows me stroking my penis very gradually to an erection and make a fuss of painting around the mouth.

I then move the camera position to almost the ceiling height, looking down. I perform a complete strip until completely naked and balance the painting on my erect penis just for fun. I then continue to paint the portrait and after a few minutes I move the camera right down to the ground and have some amazing shots looking up at my genitals and bum crack. I make it as explicit as possible spreading my legs wide apart displaying my erect penis most of the time.
I then paint the edges by putting a finger dripping with paint up my anus and slide the canvas between my butt cheeks squeezing them between all four edges.
I then wash the brushes and sign the painting using a brush which I first insert into my urethra using the penis as a brush holder which always makes people cringe. I sign the painting before flicking the brush across the room.

I find the hardest thing about painting is getting the brush clean
afterwards. How do you paint without damaging the tools of your trade?

It is a very durable tool, and I have learned by trial and error how to use it and extending its longevity.
In the early days I had some really painful experiences. The head of my penis would often bleed by rubbing the head on the rough canvas which worn the skin off. It was really painful and almost impossible to carry on for a couple of weeks until the skin had grown back.
I did learn to paint on smooth primed cardboard and use paint which I make myself. It is smooth and has an oily consistency so it washes off cloths easily.
At Adult shows I paint for 12 hours a day where it gets really sore from all the handling, stretching and constant washing and dying. At night it is usually inflamed and I rub antiseptic onto it and then put it in bandage.

You’ve achieved international fame painting with your penis. Does
it seem a bit surreal and What’s been a highlight?

It dose seem surreal and exciting but no one recognises me unless I am not dressed in my big pink hat and pink boots which is good in a way. At home in my village everyone knows me.
I do feel very lucky to have been recognised as different and unique even if I am not taken seriously by the artistic establishment, that could change.

You’ve appeared on television many times in many countries what sort of a response do you get?
TV is difficult, depending on what sort of show it is. Talent shows are usually only 2 and a half minutes for which I practice a lot before hand. But the pressure is always terrifying and I am usually half asleep and brain dead. Living in Australia means I have to fly for assignments abroad.

Do you see your work as art because of your unique technique or the end result?
I can paint very neatly using my penis but it does take a long time going back over the painting several times. I think the real art of penis painting is spontaneousness and completing the subject matter as quickly as possible. I can paint a reasonable portrait on stage in 5 minutes, so in a 15 minute segment I can get 3 people up on stage with 3 easels and paint them going backwards and forth from one person to the next painting at a time which the audience loves.

Which piece are you particularly proud of?
The Australian got talent worked well as it was filmed in Sydney. I was not at all jet lagged and Shane Jacobson is really easy to paint.
Similar story with Swedens got talent as I was working there for a few days before the show. But on Britains Got Talent the painting came out just OK. As I was painting both Simon and David in 2 minutes I had to concentrate like never before. It was extra difficult when Simon buzzed me straight away. On top of that he was wearing glasses, something I hadn’t counted on. But then the rest of the judges came up on stage to get a closer look at the brush. I was waring close fitting pink pants with a small hole out in the front so I could easily reach my penis. However It was terrified and kept retracting back into the hole like a tortoise. This never happened when I was practicing.

Have you painted on anything else then canvas?
At parties I do paint on peoples faces with different degrees of success. Painting on guys stubbly faces is a weird feeling and some have licked it to the amusement of the audience. And of course once in a while some guy wipes the brush off and give me a blow job on stage. Every one cheers and claps.

Is there another side to you as an artist away from Pricasso? Do you use traditional media too?
I can paint with a brush but havent’ had a lot of practice. I do enjoy it but having never studied traditional techniques I only rely on what I have picked up painting with my penis and haven’t developed a style yet.

Who or what is your inspiration and which other artists do you like?
I love sculpture and creating 3 dimensional objects. I have been building my own amazing house over the past 20 years sculpted in the style of Anton Gaudi, the Spanish Architect from Barcelona. It’s not finished yet and maybe never will be.
Also 30 years ago I started a pottery making mugs with crocodile handles and tea pots in the shape of a crocodile, they are collectible now on ebay under Hellfire Pottery by Tim Patch PRIcASSO and are over 10 times what I sold them for nearly 40 years ago

You have painted many famous people who has liked their picture the most and who the least?
I did a disastrous painting of Jean Paul Gaultier, the fashion designer, on TV a few years ago, The whole experience started badly and got worse.
Pn the flight from Australia to London I was mostly awake for 32 hours. I got to the hotel around lunch time and slept until 9PM. I had dinner after which I couldn’t sleep. I ended up missing breakfast the next day as I had to be at the studio at 8am.
The studio was freezing as they always turn the air conditioning right down so no one perspires but not good if you happen to be naked with your nuts exposed for about an hour before hand,
Jean Paul and Anton are very funny guys and helpful but they did want to interview me whilst I was painting. I had difficulties concentrating and as it was so cold the paint didn’t dry as it usually does. They wanted me to keep on my pink PVC jacket with sprouting cock feathers on the shoulders as it covered my bum a bit. I decided not to start off with bum prints. but instead just sketch his face out with my penis. It was going well at this stage, but the producer wanted the bum prints. I thought I could fit a few in for dramatic effect around the edges but the back flap smeared what had already been painted. I added more paint to replace what was messed up but as nothing was drying, as it was so cold, the painting got messier and messier. I should have started again but it was too late. It looked like him but it was a really bad painting.

How did the Australia’s Got Talent audition go and did Simon Cowell really walk out of Britain’s Got Talent when you painted him?
He did buzz straight away which was really disappointing but I did look up a few times and saw him laughing along with everyone els in the room, so he didn’t walk out straight away. It was not until the other 3 judges decided to came up on stage when he disappeared,


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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