Prepare yourself for Folsom Europe 2021

Folsom Europe 2021 will take place during the weekend of 11 September. It was a long wait for the organisation to get approval for the street fair. But the permission is confirmed and the preparations have started. There are a few things to keep in mind though given de current situation. The organisation is asking strongly for everyone to follow the rules below in order for the fair to take place in a safe condition.


The access to the street fair will be monitored. Visitors will need to be in line with Germany’s 3G rule. You either need to be vaccinated (second shot at least 14 days ago), a proof of recovery from Covid19 within the past 6 months or negative antigen test no older than 24 hours (or PCR test no older than 48 hours).


Access to the fair is reserved for visitors who can present a valid proof of their vaccination/test/recovery.

Only BionTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca (2 vaccinations needed for each) and Johnson & Johnson (1 shot only) are accepted by the EMA (EU agency)! If you are vaccinated with another vaccine you still need a test!

The digital check-in is located at Martin-Luther Strasse (check map further in the article). This entrance can only be used by inhabitant of the EU or UK (EU: CovPass, UK: NHS app). They need to show their national or EU app for confirmation, next to their ID.

Anybody else should use the entrance at Ansbacher Strasse (check map further in the article). Bring your proof printed on paper (with or without QR code). This has to be an original document, no photocopy.


To access the street fair you will also need to show a valid ID. All national ID’s, passports and driver’s licenses with a photo qualify.


All visitors will have to register themselves in the Luca App when entering the street fair and check out again when they leave. This app is used in Germany for contact tracing. More info on the app and download:


At the street fair you will be required to wear a mask covering mouth and nose at all times. Allowed masks are surgical or FFP-2 masks. Other masks like self made ones or fabric ones are not allowed. If you wear a rubber, gasmask or puppy mask for instance you’ll need to wear a mask underneath.

When you are seated in one of the seating areas you can take off your mask for chatting, eating and drinking. There’s a lot of extra seating arranged this year.

When standing up, you’re allowed to eat and drink but you can only take your mask off for a few seconds to zip from your drink or take a bite. It’s important to follow this specific rule to prevent the event from getting shut down by the authorities.


The street fair will have two entrances and two different exits.
+ Martin-Luther-Strasse is the digital fast lane for visitors with a valid digital QR code.
+ Ansbacher Strasse is the regular entrance for visitors with a paper proof.
+ Exit is only possible at the Welserstrasse or Lietzenburgerstrasse.


Organising the street fair has been very challenging this year. Please support Folsom Europe by following these rules at all times. Show respect for the security, the volunteers, staff, locals and other visitors. All of the rules are demanded by the government so there’s no point arguing about it.

Thank you in advance for your support and coöperation!

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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