Post pandemic party wish list: top 30

Circuit fetish parties are what makes the gay fetish World go round and now there are so many of them catering to the LBGT+ market in many different guises. They grew out of the Tea Dances in the 70’s and 80’s peaked massively in the 90’s then declined somewhat in the New Millenium for a number of reasons such as the arrival of the Gay Cruise weeks etc which led to the disappearance of great gay events like The Red Party, Hell Ball, Hotlanta, Reunion, Fireball, The Morning Party and Motorball; before reviving like crazy in the last decade across the 2010’s.

A Circuit party is basically a group of events around a weekend or week often with different themed elements of appeal to various fetish tribes often in various venues and they are heavily aimed at the International gay guy who has fucked everyone in his own town and is looking for fresh meat and a damn good mega-party atmosphere. They come in Two basic forms – dance orientated ones often with big name DJ’s and superstar acts like Lady Gaga or J Lo which often involve a lot of drink and other illegal substances where attendees are often referred to as ‘Circuit Queens’ or the ones we favour which are the Fetish tent poles of our horny Calander built around gear, mansweat, slings, socialising, the fetish brotherhood and endless never ending anonymous sex in bars, clubs, beaches and dark rooms.

They are all great, varied and have their fans and differing appeals so here are the Top 30 unscientifically ranked in order of the likelihood that you will be making a lot of babies, the chances of serious ass damage with your manring being turned into putty and of making loads of new friends one blow job at a time. 


30 WHITE PARTY – Held in Palm Springs, Puerto Vallarta and the Oldest Circuit Party of them all Miami – very controversially held the ultimate Covid super spreader event in many people’s eyes over New Year 2020/21. Jeffrey Sanker’s pension plan.

29 RAPIDO Amsterdam – 6 a year plus the Funhouse brand at the Paradiso venue their high point being the King’s Day one.

28 PURPLE PARTY – Dallas. 21 years and counting an annual Spring event held mostly in downtown and Dallas’ main gayboorhood of Oaklawn.

27 PEACH PARTY – Atlanta. This is a 3-day event that takes place at various venues in Midtown, Atlanta. This circuit party was created to replace the now defunct “Hotlanta River Expo,” which is known as America’s first circuit party held annually in June.

26 CIRCUIT SONGRAM – Bangkok in April to celebrate the Thai New Year

25 WE PARTY FESTIVAL – Madrid at July Pride and also at New Year plus a well-known travelling brand

24 CIRCUIT FESTIVAL MIAMI – The jewel of the Matinee group at Thanksgiving including the Perverts Party and the Champions sportswear night

23 THE WEEK:RIO – The best gay event in South America, several events through the year peaking at the Summer and New Year ones

22 PINES PARTY FIRE ISLAND – Just outside of New York on the seasonal gay holiday island, great popular event on the beach

21 BLACK & BLUE DANCE FESTIVAL – Montreal, the big weekend in Canada. The biggest gay benefit event there is.

20 ARENA FESTIVAL MEXICO – A hugely atmospheric set of gay parties deep in the Mexican jungle. A stunning location.

19 CIRCUIT FESTIVAL ASIA – Pattaya, Thailand where you get both the American White Party and Spain’s mega ‘Circuit’ brand on the beach

18 FOREVER TEL AVIV – Israel – the fastest growing gay destination on the planet’s big week of the year, 200,000 gay men and women over their June Pride week. very little clothing indeed.

17 LA DEMENCE – Brussels, Belgium. Over 30 years trading gay debauchery and we love it with 12 events per year mainly at Fuse with legendary dark rooms (unlike many of the above)

16 ONE MAGICAL WEEKEND – Orlando at Walt Disney World with the high point being 6000 gays at the elaborate water park. We love the various Disney gay Days too but we don’t look great in red.

15 XLSIOR MYKONOS – GREECE without doubt the most picturesque major gay event on planet earth and it’s big and hot under the August Mediterranean sun.

14 SOUTHERN DECADENCE – New Orleans, very popular group of events where you can bum in the bayou; known as gay porn star central for a whole week.

13 CIRCUIT – Barcelona THE BIGGEST GAY PARTY ON THE PLANET for 12 hedonistic days and the legendary water park party which is always crammed – Expect 50 DJ’s all playing roughly the same interchangeable house music across the 2 weekends & our tip for the First big International event after Covid in August.

12 PIG WEEK – Fort Lauderdale the now absolute must do sleazy event on the run up to Christmas (roughly last week of Nov or at the start of Dec) and it is the gay event with by far the best name.

11 UP YOUR ALLEY – San Francisco or called Dore Alley by the traditionalists. The dirty whore cock sucking little brother of Folsom Street Fair. it is scientifically impossible not to get laid over this weekend.

10 MID ATLANTIC LEATHER – Washington DC. The big title contest on the East Coast & the hotel cruising suites are so sleazy. The best way to start the year in January and look for Lindsey Graham and Mike Pence in the sling room…you can tell one by the birthmark on his ass and the other will be in brand new lingerie.

9 EASTER IN BERLIN – A gang of very well attended linked parties over Easter week whenever that falls for those more into rectums than religion. The capital of the gay fetish world Berlin comes alive with all 36 gay cruising bars one in one out only and yes, we do mean sphincters.

8 SLEAZY MADRID – Now coming of age in its 21st year this is definitely the centrepiece of the Spanish fetish calendar with guaranteed sensational weather for the many all-night parties. The home for the incredible Into The Tank brand and for the best night just look for the words DJ Carranco.

7 MASPALOMAS FETISH WEEK – Gran Canaria. 12 days 36 events from boat parties, pool parties, cruise and club nights plus big brands, title contests & gay beaches down in the tropics. An October event with a no virginity intact policy at the Bunker Bar, TreasureIslandMedia Pool Party and The Hole.

6 CLAW – Cleveland; the important April gathering in Mid America with a full range of attractions that we regularly post about in AT and home to the Fetish Hall Of fame. Run by our very own Bob miller this year moving temporarily to the Bonaventure LA due to Covid disruptions. 

5 LONDON FETISH WEEK – UK in July the centrepiece of mega fetish site Recons year with the best opening party we know of and the sleaziest Saturday night in Europe. Separate parties for every fetish tribe you can think off plus film nights, seminars and so much more. July so great weather and the best site seeing you can do on your mornings off from your proctology lessons.

Picture by Joe Hogan

4 FOLSOM BERLIN – Early September including the best dressed street fair you will ever see and the stunning Pig party in an ever-changing new industrial sexy location. Like a dog with two dicks or Ralph Bruneau with two asses you will be spoilt for choice with at least 8 places each night you will want to be at. If there was such a Guiness World Record for such things then Saturday night here would hold the title for the most gay ass action in history…a record it would beat itself each year.

3 FOLSOM STREET FAIR – San Francisco. Presumably every fetish man knows about this by now and simply the one event you must visit before you head to the great dark room in the sky. A massive Street Fair on the Sunday with the mega Magnitude party on the previous night and so much more plus all the gay history you can swallow between the never-ending cut cocks.

2 INTERNATIONAL MR LEATHER – Chicago in late May usually (Moved to the Fall this year). Over 40 years it is the biggest fetish title contest backed up with the best leather & Fetish Market, great parties from ONYX to the San Francisco on to The Black & Blue Party and the inevitable play room hotel suites plus the GRABBY American gay porn awards over the same weekend so wall to wall gay porn stars in town too.

1 DARKLANDS – Antwerp, Belgium. In March. All under one megastructure roof down on the atmospheric dock side it is now the meeting place of the gay fetish world with ‘See You At Darklands’ being the common leaving comment at all of the above 29. Everything in the one location for 4 tiring days including huge club nights, the most title contests, The X Awards, Live sex shows an incredible fetish market, free bust trips to mega cruise bar ‘The Boots’ and the biggest bespoke designed (by very sleazy sick people) dark room on two levels that the World has ever seen (It makes the Marquis De Sades dungeon look as innocent as Mary Poppin’s vibrator draw. Simply the biggest play space and sleaze zone around obviously not including Axel Abysse and Brian Bond’s asses.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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