Poland, where faggots need to F*ck Off

‘The Whole of Poland is singing with us, Faggots Fuck Off’ the opposition at Poland’s most recent LBGT rights march followed by extremely happy chants as a LBGT flag was burned and stamped on ‘Fuck Fuck Fuck it’s on Fire pour some more petrol on it’.

We at AT like to draw attention to various parts of the World where our Gay brothers (and Sisters) are really struggling under oppression, abuse, physical and institutional attacks and erosion of Gay rights or attempts to gain them in the first place. We will follow up on all the Homophobic shit holes around the globe with a return piece on Chechnya plus Russia, Uganda, Hungary The Middle East and Jamaica and if you want to contribute, we would love to hear from you likewise if you want to suggest other territories to be put under the International magnifying glass we are all ears. The aim is to highlight, inform, educate and support the gay men and women their associations and events who do not have the same or anything like the LBGT rights that most of us have & enjoy.

Poland is a lovely beautiful Country with amazing people who know how to fight for what is right from the Nazi and Jew atrocities of the 1940’s concentration camps through to the early embers of Solidarity and the First spark of defeating Communism in the 1980’s which lead to many Eastern European Countries overthrowing their dictator and despot leaders and ultimately lead to  the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany….but that was the Poland that we love and used to know.

Let’s cut to the chase here ‘POLAND IS THE WORST COUNTRY IN EUROPE FOR GAY RIGHTS & IT IS GETTING WORSE DAILY’. Being 80% Catholic and with a history of far-right Neo Nazi/skinhead gangs and ideologies it has not been a happy place for Gays for some time. There were signs of hope as Attitudes, had been softening. Whereas 41 per cent of Poles said in a 2001 survey that being gay should not be tolerated and was not normal, that number had dropped to 24 per cent by 2017, according to state pollster CBOS. Unfortunately, then politics came into the story and in particular the President Andrzej Duda who is possibly one of the World’s most homophobic men – so much so that the word ‘homophobic’ is not strong enough for this piece of used toilet paper who should be at the top of every LBGT man/woman & supporters dickhead of the Year list. He makes Putin look gay friendly, Trump seem intelligent and when you see his unpleasant Wife Agata who is sure no supermodel to say the least (what do they say about putting lipstick on a pig?) you will suspect that he may be hiding something & like all men who shout about being anti -gay, they are probably so far in the closet and so gagging for dick themselves that it must hurt every day when they attempt to act straight.

He fronts a party of idiots called the Law & Justice Party (Lets call them the ‘Let’s create hate party’ for ease of reference who are so far to the right that Breitbart would think they are a bit on the strong side, Steve Bannon would be cast out as a snowflake and Hitler would probably fail to gain membership as being too Liberal.   Basically, we are talking Neanderthal mentality which is an insult to monkeys with views right out of the 19th Century and going backwards fast. In 2015 like all racist bigots with small dicks who wanted power they demonised migrants to gain election and it worked as nothing gets the vote of the ignorant & uneducated faster than a heavy dose of invented fearmongering. The trouble was that hardly any migrants moved to Poland favouring more affluent countries like Germany and France so the power was going out of the argument. The ‘Let’s Create Hate Party’ needed a new scapegoat and playing on the very religious mores of their friends and supporters the always forward-looking Catholic Church (Let’s face it no catholic priests have ever bummed anyone have they????), so they turned the spotlight onto the LBGT community. Basically, the only game in the far-right play book is to enflame hate of a minority as these guys are not big thinkers to say the least ‘It’s Obama that caused all the divisions, Trump has totally unified his America’ for example……as Homer Simpson would say Doh! these are not the great minds of our time and were pretty far at the back of the line when brain cells were being handed out. Bogdan Bialek a well-known Historian said ‘The Let’s create hate party’ was now targeting LGBT+ people & was potentially more dangerous than attacking migrants. Now, he said, “it’s not the management of fear but the management of hatred”.

What spurred on the attack throughout 2019/20 leading up to the recent Polish election which the Bigots won by a wafer-thin margin on a hate fuelled manifesto sprinkled with plenty of lies and inventions was the suggestion of gay education…that old chestnut that our favourite hidden gay man in the Kremlin is so fond of peddling. In particular, Warsaw’s Mayor had recently advocated integrating sex education and LGBT+ issues into school curriculums, in accordance with World Health Organisation guidelines. The leader of the far-right populist party Jaroslaw Kaczyński’s (a name that scores through the roof in Scrabble but a game too intelligent for him to play probably) the shadowy Machiavellian character behind a lot of the hate said, this was “an attack on the family” and “an attack on children”. He called “LGBT ideology” an imported “threat to Polish identity, to our nation, to its existence and thus to the Polish state”. Then a year of anti-gay rhetoric to the great unwashed believers of that made up book The Bible began. Including a Catholic Archbishop declaring it the ‘Rainbow Plague’ in a 30 second interview he made whilst taking a much-needed break from sucking a choir boys’ cock…The Pope as always stays silent on anything important preferring things that happened 2000 years ago in fantasy land. The angle was that all gays are paedophiles based on as much fact as a chapter in a Harry Potter book and many campaigns and protests were created picked up massively by the knuckle dragging skinhead mob that still exist in Poland like failed extras from The Walking Dead but with much less personality and somewhat more unattractive. The first symbol to appear from the political party was rainbow coloured rain falling on an umbrella protecting a ‘normal’ ‘hetero’ family and then came the one that really stuck – vertical gay flag coloured stripes with a huge black cross over it. 

The conservative Polish Gazeta Polska magazine is including “LGBT-free zone” stickers inside its weekly edition amid rising tensions between LGBT activists and a conservative Christian movement supported by the country’s right-wing ruling party.

The country which one would have thought would have had enough of ‘Ghettoizing minorities’ then decided to declare ‘Gay Free Zones’. This is nasty ignorant as fuck stuff. Basically 100 local Governors egged on by the Bigot’s in charge in Warsaw created areas where promotion of any LBGT equality at all is illegal. This is One Third of Poland at present and growing. It is particularly strong in the South East of Poland which is now regarded as the most backward area in Europe where most people are looking forward to the arrival of the 12th Century, have never seen a motor car and want an instruction manual on how to find and scratch their assholes. Like say The Upside Down in Stanger Things but nowhere near as modern. These areas are proudly claimed as LBGT ideology free…they hope to drive gay’s out and be left only with retarded dickheads.

As it stands same sex marriage is not legal in Poland & not coming anytime soon which causes problems with the European membership, they have but there is no plan to make homosexuality illegal….Yet!. One of the current Government aims is to ban LBGT people from adopting and their eternal rhetoric of hate speech is feared by many to be one very short stop from actual hate crimes breaking out. Duda the President defends his views as ‘Freedom Of Speech well we reserve the same freedom to say you are a fucking disgrace with the face of an aged donkey with diarrhoea dressed in a very cheap badly fitting suit with a pug ugly wife (no offence to pug’s of course). Poland is in the European Union and its citizens including LBGT members are free to travel to any other Country to work and live and many of the brightest and best have already done so – others prefer to remain in their homeland and fight for the cause. The EU is hugely embarrassed with Poland like the black sheep of the family who has repugnant dated racist and homophobic views and does not realise everyone is laughing at him and pointing. The European Union’s chief Executive Officer said in September 2020 there was no place in the bloc for so-called “LGBT-free zones”, a pointed criticism of Poland’s nationalist government pushing to curb the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. “LGBTQI-free zones are humanity free zones. And they have no place in our (European) Union,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told her annual policy speech to the European Parliament. “Breaches of the rule of law cannot be tolerated,” she said and we are with her 100% on that.

Mr Leather Poland 2017 Lukasz Sankowski’s plea to the Worldwide gay fetish community in his own words exclusively for AT :

“LGBT are not the people” This was said by Polish President in 2020 as Andrzej Duda has been fighting for the second term of his presidency.  Poland has been a member of the European Union since 2004. 16 years have passed and publicly, explicitly and directly members of the ruling party, staff members of the incumbent president and the President himself said: “LGBT are not people”. Unbelievable, but true.Yes, these words have been spoken in a European country. In a country greatly experienced by fascism and communism. In a country where the idea of Solidarity was born … How is it possible?President Duda won again with 51 % He is supported by the ruling party PiS (Law and Justice), the national conservative party, well connected in the Catholic Church. The PiS government has been perfectly manipulating a nation terrified by COVID 19 epidemic and afraid of the effects of the global economic crisis. The promise of money is able to buy a lot of votes in coming elections. To collect even more votes, PiS is spreading fear and hatred of the LGBT community very often using public television which they also control. “Let’s stop listening to these idiots about any human rights or any equality. These people are not equal to normal people “- said Przemysław Czarnek, PiS MP, doctor of law, former Lublin voivode.”LGBT are not the people” – said Jacek Żalek, MP and secretary of state in the current Polish government.”Poland without LGBT is the most beautiful country” declared Joachim Brudzinski, European MP, former Interior Minister.”They are trying to convince us that they are people, but LGBT is just an ideology” said Andrzej Duda, the President, at his rally.Will LGBT people have to flee Poland in a few months, asking for asylum abroad? Or maybe the Polish government will prepare special “camps” for LGBT “ideologists” ?Covid 19 has already taught us that what seems distant and unreal may suddenly touch us.Recently, on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of KL Auschwitz, Marian Turski, former prisoner of this death camp, reminded us that “Auschwitz has not fallen from the sky.” It is time to remind the Polish President, politicians and us all that Poland had lost over 3 million citizens (mainly Jews) and the world had lost over 6 million people only because someone thought that “the world would be more beautiful without them”. LGBT people were included.The evil does not know the race, nationality, religion or political system and develops everywhere, where he faces indifference. Isn’t it too late to stop him? I hope it is not!Remember the words of Martin Niemöller:  “First they came … Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.”“Als sie mich holten, gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte”

If you want to help your LBGT Polish brothers and sisters reach out online and if possible, donate to their campaigns & rights organisations. Contact your fetish tribes Polish title holders past and present all the Mr Leather/Rubber/Puppy Poland’s as they need you and let your local politicians know your views. We have some of those said title holders, Polish porn stars and activists working on follow up pieces for us which we greatly look forward too and of course there is lots more information online. As mentioned at the outset if you have any views on the Polish situation or the other Homophobic Countries in the World we will be highlighting then please get in touch with AT.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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