Our Provincetown bucket list

This is Alphatribe’s Provincetown bucket list.

#1 Bear week

Provincetown Bears run the 9 day centerpiece event of the towns gay fetish calendar. It's huge and getting increasingly popular and should be on every fetish players list to visit before they die. It singlehandedly gives the gay destination its image as being for hairy horny ass bandits.

#2 Gay Carnival

Gay Carnival is the camp fun week in the gay port by the sea. Basically similar to a pride but much busier, more colorful and with a lot more flesh. Guaranteed fun by all so much so that Disney are thinking of buying it!

#3 The Atlantic House

The Atlantic House - also known as the A-House (Yes local gay men lovingly refer to it as the ass-house) , is Provincetown's most popular and only year-round dance club. This complex consists of the Little Bar (cruise bar with juke box) - The Macho Bar (Provincetown's original leather and Levi bar) & the Big Room (Provincetown's #1 Dance Club!)  

#4 Monkey Bar

A favorite spot for fans of exotic cocktails served by some of the town's most popular bartenders, as they are like the cast of magic Mike with drink service skills. The clientele are often hotter than in a porn gangbang scene so come for the men and Martini's but stay for the fantastic Asian themed food too. It's in the West End, close to the hugely popular Boatslip Resort, and it's handy if you're staying at one of the many B&Bs and vacation rentals out that way.

#5 The Worlds Number One Cruising Spot

We cannot think of anywhere on earth more conducive to outdoor casual anonymous hook up sex. P-Town has it all, beaches, dunes, parks, woodland, an airport, endless hot tubs, a harbor, numerous public conveniences, gay resorts, truck stops and rest areas all right next to a large urban gay populace. we would like to recommend one place but there is so much... Just make 3 seconds of eye contact anywhere and drop to your knees immediately mouth open. That said, Race Point Beach may be the centre point - basically bigger than Folsom and Darklands darkrooms put together 3 times over. We dropped our sunglasses once and before we had picked them up we had taken 3 anon loads.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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