Oliver Mohns and his outlook on Berlin nightlife

Alphatribe had the chance to talk to Oliver Mohns, the organizer of the famous Berlin Revolver party to ask when we will be able to enjoy his parties again.

Oliver, for the people who don’t know you personally, what projects are you involved in?
I’m involved in several big parties in Berlin. The most famous of course is the ‘Revolver’ party at KitKat Club, a massive multi-room international fetish party concept. Then there is ‘Giant’ which takes place at various ‘big room’ locations. And last but not least B:EAST, Europe’s number one gay techno party concept with international straight and gay headlining dj’s.

Do you have another occupation aparte from being a dj / party organizer?
No, I dedicate all my time to work for these party concepts while at the same time invest in new ones. After all, you can’t stand still when you are a promoter.
I’m a DJ since I was 18 years old and still play sets but at very selective gigs for parties and festivals that are near to my heart.

What was the last party you had?
The last party was Revolver in February, right before the clubs closed down in March and we had to cancel all events till further notice.

How did you experience the lockdown?
I found it very challenging on a psychological level as I’m a very social person and being cut off from society and friends was very difficult. Humans are very social and need that connection to friends and family which is very important to our mental wellbeing. Not being able to meet friends and family was very hard for me.I recon the closing of clubs and the lockdown which isolated a lot of people also affected them mentally in a big way.Who knows what damage that has caused. We’ll only know in the long run.The gay community has now gone underground for a part and it has gone very extreme with gay guys taking a lot of hard drugs and are having even more risky sex than before. I know of many guys who died from an overdose on those private sex parties.

What were the financial consequences for you?
Its a difficult time as no-one expected it and not many of my fellow promoters or club owners where prepared for such a crisis and therefore no-one had the big financial buffer for times like this. Including me. But we manage things somehow.

How do you feel about the way the government is handling nightlife?
The handling of the situation in Germany and all other countries is rather bad as nightlife and the entertainment industry are just as important for living a happy and healthy lifestyle just like other parts of society which are open again. What will happen when the crisis is finished and many nightlife venues and parties have closed down because they didn’t make it through the crisis? Where are we going to go out to enjoy ourselves and forget the stress daily life? That is such an important factor in my opinion. 

How’s the current situation in Berlin? Some clubs are reopening we’ve heard?
In Berlin the Situation is even worse as Berlin is living from the nightlife industry and the closing of the clubs has a massive impact on the whole city. Clubs are still closed and we don’t think they will open till the end of the year.Some clubs which have outdoor space opened as a restaurant and all have tables. Dancing is forbidden and people must stay seated unless they need to make use of the bathroom. So i wouldn’t call it a club reopening, its merely making the best out of the situation. 

When do you expect to have the first party yourself again?
We are planning some pool party and open air events for the Berlin Gay Pride weekend on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July. Sadly most likely with restrictions on maximum attendees allowed at the party and no dancing or any sexual activities. 

Saying all this, I also look positively towards the future. I can’t wait until we’re all united again on the world wide club dance floors by one of the most Important assets of our daily lives: music. Music heals, it knows no boundaries, sexual preferences, sexes, religion or color.
And that day will come very soon !!

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Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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