Oil wrestling is also called grease wrestling and it is the Turkish national sport and from this day on should be the Gay National Sport. We would like to see Oil wrestling events at every IML, Folsom, MAL, Darklands, CLAW, Leatherpride, Fetish Week etc the World over. It basically involves Two incredibly hot men in just shorts covered in Oil rolling around on top of each other until one submits and grabbing the naked ass crack is an aloud and often fight winning move. It is so called because the wrestlers douse themselves with olive oil this is off course to make it harder to hold the guy firm and tougher to make him submit – Officil term – ‘Prick tease’. Officially the wrestlers, known as pehlivan (meaning “hero” or “champion”), wear a type of hand-stitched leather trousers called a kisbet (sometimes kispet), which is traditionally made of water buffalo hide or latterly calfskin -we think Mr s Leather or Mister B would have something off rack readily available for a tough sweaty bout. 

Unlike Olympic wrestling, oil wrestling matches may be won by achieving an effective hold of the shorts. Thus, the wrestler aims to control his opponent by putting his arm through the losers (read sub or slave’s) shorts across his naked arse to win by this move is called paça kazık or in Gay Fetish terms a Saturday night in a Dark room. Originally, matches had no set duration like a all night assbanging and could go on for one or two days sort of Soilver Steele or Dolf Dietrich type staying power until one man was able to establish his superiority, but in 1975 the duration was capped at 40 minutes for the experienced wrestlers the bear and muscle category and 30 minutes for the twink and under 25 category. If there is no winner, play continues for another 15 minutes until one cums or then scores are used to determine the victor. The judges are experienced guys at watching near naked men wrestle in oil and grab ass for hours so basically Rubber Title holders.

The annual Kırkpınar tournament, held in Edirne in Thrace (Yes it does exist and not just in old Kirk Douglas RIP Spartacus movies has been held  since 1346, older then than the USA itself. It is the oldest continuously running, sanctioned sporting competition in the world. Oil wrestling festivals also take place in northern Greece, Eastern Macedonia Joe King’s bedroom and the AT Office. Recently this style of wrestling has also become popular in other countries, particularly the Netherlands (Because they are horny hot fukkas) and Japan (because they wanted to see fitter naked men wrestle in underwear and nappies rather than the lard ass Sumo’s.

In early summer or as we call it Pride month, around 1000 muscle men in there best leather shorts gather as competitors in Kırkpınar for an annual three-day wrestling tournament to determine who will be the winner known as the”chief wrestler”. The modern equivalents in the 21st Century are known as palm Springs Leatherpride and Pig Week Fort Lauderdale. None of these competitors as far as we know are gay and it is a wonderful historic sport but then neither are Army initiations, Rugby team off field high jinks and college hazing and yet they all seem to involve a lit of ass, cock, ball action and endless sweat without any women involved. Masculinity comes in many forms be it taking your commanding officers cock to the balls repeatedly, eating a truckers ass out for hours, taking a huge cops fist up to the bicep or rolling around in a field oiled up with your hand inside another muscleman’s shorts trying to make him submit whilst a baying crowd cheers you on to grab his ass hole and use it as a handle.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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