GRINDR is the World biggest hook up location-based app used my gay, bi, LBGTQ+ and straight guys who are not that straight really with a healthy desire to suck anonymous dick. It was set-up just 12 years ago in 2009 and has revolutionised how we meet men and look for casual sex etc globally. Over 3 Million men use the App daily which means there is an awful lot of queerness and horniness around daily and guys feeling the itch in their nether regions for some fresh man action.  It was owned strangely by a Chinese company that has just 3 years ago sold 98% of it too a Californian umbrella conglomerate. They are now in the annual habit of releasing their stats which show so much about the current gay male scene and psyche reinforcing some pretty obvious tropes but also bringing up some major surprises for all of us.

Philippines, Colombia, Argentina, Israel, and India are the countries with the highest percentage of tops. The countries with the highest number of bottoms are Vietnam, South Africa, China, Peru, and Poland. The highest percentage of versatile users are found in Costa Rica, Romania, Czech Republic, Russia, and Venezuela. Users in Australia, China, the USA, the UK, and Brazil sent the highest number of NSFW pics. (Not safe for work)

Not surprisingly the very religious and centre of the Mormon world Salt Lake City was the US city with the highest percent of ‘travel only’ meaning they could not host at home almost certianly due to wives and girlfriends….does this make Salt Lake City the world gay closet capital well the stats would indicate very much so.

The highest number of face pics was in San Francisco indicating it is still the most liberal, gay friendly, open and gay safe City in the World. Grindr users sent more than 1 billion photos per month on average with huge numbers being dick pics and including 82 million expiring photos. 

The most popular profile tag was ‘Vaccinated’ which is seen as a very positive thing for marketing oneself nowadays also indicating that you are probably not a self-hating Qanon follower. The next most popular terms are discreet, kissing, fwb (Friends with benefits) and cuddle.

‘Kiss Me More’ by Doja Cat ft. SZA was the most popular profile song on the platform followed by songs from Gaga/Grande, Adele, Eilish and the new hero of queerland Lil Nas X..

Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, London, and LA are the cities with the most users by a considerable way. The biggest number of guys looking for hook-ups ‘right now’ are in Ireland, UK, Australia and USA and the city possibly unsurprisingly most keen on immediate sex is New York. The highest number in an open relationship is a strange bunch with Switzerland, Thailand, India, Algeria and Vietnam being the countries where monogamy is least popular.

There are 1 Billion ‘Taps’ sent per month which is huge so maybe better to actually start sending a short-written message for a better response and of course also it is time to stop messaging guys 8000 plus miles away which is as pointless as Michael Massi expecting a nice welcome down his local Mercedes dealership.

The site is most used in total in Mexico, UK, USA, Brazil and India all highly populated underlying that there are gays absolutely everywhere (even those homophobic stuck in the wrong Century countries in the Middle East) and they are regularly looking for fresh cock and ass…Quel surprise!!!

The site is busiest at 21.00 Sunday evenings which is the same for any time zone……..when there is less club/bar action and the weekend chems have worn off (Note to promoters we need more Sunday evening play spaces!)

The event that recorded the highest usage was unsurprisingly The Republican National Congress…………

(One of the above is not a fact from the GRINDR annual stats but comes from gay escort site stats and is very well-known).


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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