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Most likely the oldest form of animal role, originating in the leather & BDSM communities as a way to degrade the submissive, pup play has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. Being the largest pet player group, it also has the largest variation of characteristics, from cuddly domestic dogs, to more wild wolves, to stoic guard dogs, and on and on the list goes. A common characteristic found in most pup players however is a balance between training and affection, being part of a pack or community and the urge to be loyal and please a human companion. While it takes it’s roots from slave play in BDSM, it’s important to note that a puppy is not a slave and their compliance is only as good as their training… and if they are feeling naughty!


Independence is their middle name. Even when they have an owner there is strong will to do whatever they want. Practitioners take on feline traits, such as from a tiny kitten to a ferocious tiger and generally isn’t much training involved. Cats enjoy toys, being pampered and affection as much as pups but on their own terms, so much so that one can’t help but wonder who is really in charge: the human or the cat.


Surprisingly not much horsing around with Pony players. If cats encompass the affectionate and mischievous side of pup play then the focus of pony play is almost entirely on the training. Ponies take pride in following their owner’s instructions perfectly and get rewarded for good posture and obedience. Pony play is also probably the most physically taxing of all the animal role playing, whether it be carrying their rider on their back, pulling a cart or performing dressage, a pony’s job is done when their owner says it is.


Seen as a sort of hybrid between dogs and cats: foxes can be both independent, slinky and free of ownership but they can still be playful and have a strong connection to the pack mentality. Can often be seen at pup events causing mischief and unlike cats the pups are okay with this… mostly as they are too derpy to tell if foxes are canine or feline.


Cows are good for a handful of things and, luckily for you, this animal role-play focuses on the milking part. Whether by hand or by a relentless pump machine, your handler’s job is too extract as much man-milk as you can produce till you can’t give any more. This can also include nipple play, suction or gradual increasing a cow’s “udder” size through pumping or suction cups. Another form of animal play in the same category would be Bull, which can focus on being forced to eat and train to gain muscle. Cows and Bulls don’t have much choice in the matter, bound or otherwise, and a large part of the headspace is realizing that you are just an animal to be milked and bred.


This animal loves to get down and dirty. Attracted to a lot of the sensory play fetishes such as smell, taste and getting messy. Pigs love wallowing in a sty and that can be anything from lube, gunge, food stuff, mud or scat.


Just how do you train a dragon? Very carefully. These creatures can be quite intimidating: encompassing other fetishes such as macro/micro (size play) and vore (role-playing devouring another). They can also be seen as a combination of a lot of other pet players: riding like a pony, independence of a cat, affection of dog, etc.) Just be carefully not to sit them close to anything flammable!


But where would our animal friends be without a handy human to look after them? You don’t need to be an animal to be part of the animal role-play communities and being a handler, a trainer, a rider, owner or however you choose to identify, it can be its own enjoyment. The power you have over your four legged friend, to train them how you see fit but also the unique characteristics that make them more playful than a typical sub or slave.

Of course, you can have your own definitions of these animal play that differs from these, or you might have an animal that didn’t get discussed. If so, get in touch and we might talk about it in a future edition.


Written by Rob Wilde

Rob Wilde, a.k.a Pup Piglet, holds the title of Mr Puppy UK 2017. Host, model and adult entertainer - Rob is one of the UK's key figures and ambassador for Pup-Play and kink culture.

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