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It’s been a tough few months since countries around the world began to lockdown and the outside world becoming this alien place outside our windows while we are trapped indoors. And it will come to the surprise of absolutely no-one that we’ve all felt the effects of gym closures, low activity and bad nutrition, and packed on a few pounds. Now we all love a nice, round tummy to rub but Pup Play is a physical activity and can take its toll. The last thing we want is any pulled muscles as we head back into the Mosh Pits. Luckily before lockdown, I was able to meet up with Personal Trainer Paul, creator of NKD training who helped whip this puppy into shape.

Ok, so how did NKD Training come about?

Before I even started going to the gym I used to buy a magazine called “Men’s Workout”, which was a fitness magazine but all the guys in the magazine always had their shirts off. There were workouts, but they had amazing pictures of the guys training and they were all very hot – very homoerotic. The main thing about this was that in my head training was all about being shirtless and seeing bulging muscles. I’m a big chest fan so to see a big muscular chest while a guy’s working out is amazing. In a way this was my porn before I started getting into real porn I just bought Men’s Workout Magazine. That was enough for me and it just planted that idea in my head of training with your shirt off and I never considered anything else until I joined a gym and we had to wear tops, vest or even t-shirts, which all felt a bit strange. From my very earliest memories of joining a gym at the first opportunity, with no one else around, I’d take my shirt off, do a few reps and check myself out in the mirror. If anyone came in I’d quickly put my shirt back on.

This almost became an obsession for me. I hated wearing a top and I think it goes back to those Men’s Workout magazine days. It came to the point when I was in the gym once, I remember it very clearly, I was the only one in the gym so I took my shirt off and did a few shoulder presses. I hadn’t noticed another guy coming in, but when I spotted him I quickly put my shirt back on. Then we got back to training, but there was a lot of eye contact while we trained (those days of cruising before Grindr!) and I could feel a bit of tension in the air. Soon after that he paused his workout, took his shirt off (quite slowly and deliberately), checked himself out in the mirror and put his shirt back on. Five minutes later I took my shirt off again, and did a few sets. While I had my shirt off, he took his shirt off and before we knew it we were both training shirtless in the gym and it was amazing. Nothing happened but there was a lot of sexual tension and it felt liberating and exciting at the same time. I had a great workout and shot a huge load in the shower afterwards.

To cut a long story short, that’s how I started selling my personal training sessions, training shirtless, and within about 2 weeks of doing that guys started saying why don’t we just strip everything off, Paul, and train naked. So we did and ever since then almost all of my personal training sessions have been totally naked.  After the word got out I was approached by a gay naturist group to do group training. Being a bit of an exhibitionist the thought of being naked in front of a group of guys teaching an exercise class was red rag to a bull, so straight away I said yes, we organised it, we found a gym that was happy with it, and we’ve been doing naked training group sessions ever since.

What is NKD Training?

NKD Training is training without your clothes on! We talked about the naturist group sessions and what I do at NKD Training is personal training in my private studio, with me and my client both naked doing exercise (which is amazing) and group training sessions, in a gym, guys naked apart from their training shoes doing a serious fitness class, exercise to music, circuit training, all that kind of stuff.

It developed into exercise videos. There are a lot of people who don’t love in London but wanted to train naked and be part of NKD Training, so I started producing naked exercise videos where I teach a class or a training session and guys can follow it.

Then a bit later I expanded into NKD-Xtra, I started moving into the more sexual side of things, doing sexual advice videos. reviewing and demonstrating sex toys, and things like that – and that’s been really popular too. So apart from the naked fitness I’ve expanded into more exciting (and arousing) ventures. But always naked of course.

A group of naked men getting pumped and sweaty. Is it as sexual as it sounds?

The official answer is no it’s not sexual. Because of the premises we use for the group sessions, it’s a naturist group and order that we can work there the official line is that it’s not sexual. The unofficial line (Laugh) is that Fuck-Yeah it is sexual! Although we don’t allow sexual activity in the gym, guys do get hardons in the session and I have no problem with that. There’s a faq section on my website ( that goes into a lot of details about erections in the gym.

If I’m doing a personal training session with a client and we’re naked, there’s lots of hands on adjustments, spotting and so on. Yeah, if you get two gay guys together and they haven’t got any clothes on it can get sexual. We sometimes get aroused and there’s certainly a lot of sexual tension. I try not to let it interfere with the workout though!

I can’t deny that there have been moments where it has got even more sexual than just getting aroused, and some guys have hardons before they even take their clothes off when they come for a session with me! I will tell the story of one client who will remain anonymous. He came for his first ever naked training sessions and from the moment we started he was hard as a fucking rock. He had a massive boner and nothing that I could do would make it go down. Normally when you train the blood rushes out to other muscles and it goes down but his was just like… fucking solid the whole way through the session. We got about 40 minutes into the session, we were doing bench press and I was spotting him, so I was standing above him. He still had this massive hardon and as I was spotting him I started to think that maybe I had given him a weight that was too heavy, because he started having a panic look in his eyes, and I thought he was struggling with the weights. He let out a couple of deep breaths, and then he shot a load all over his chest! He basically had an orgasm mid set. It was probably the horniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, it was incredible, cum all over his chest, some of it shot up onto me, and all while he was lifting the weight

Meeting up with me as “Pup Piglet” was your first encounter with Pup Play. What did you make of it?

Firstly I’d like to say thank you for introducing me to pup-play. It was fascinating, I’m really interested in all types of fetishes, it gives me ideas for things to try and I found the whole subject intriguing. I hadn’t realised quite how widespread it was both in the gay and straight communities, and how much kit you can, the masks and tails, collars and leads. I have to let you into a little secret, I had discussed it with one of my clients, it sparked a little interest and he bought me my own little butt-plug tail. So I did have this already and I did want to try it, mainly because it was a butt-plug and I like those. I’ll come back to that in a minute but with you, Rob, what I think I got from it more than anything else was the idea of having an alter-ego – having a character that you can escape into. This is quite serious, and I think this applies to a lot of people in lots of different ways. To be able to get out of your own everyday life, get away from the thoughts In your head that are associated with your everyday life and become something else. To become another person or in this case to become another species! I’ve subsequently found out a bit more about how that affects you in your head and what a great advantage it is.

I had quite a detailed intimate chat with a guy a couple of years ago who was very insecure about his body. We were talking about exercise, about being comfortable with your body and not being insecure about your looks. He described himself as being a very shy person. However he’s a drag artist. He puts on his make-up, his wig, and he goes out on stage in front of hundreds of people. He said it’s like escaping from your life, becoming another person, to put on drag and do that, and in a way I’m thinking that other ways of escape, whether it’s pup-play or dressing in leather is just like drag. It’s escaping, getting away and becoming a different person. I almost have the same thing with my naked training. In everyday life I wear clothes, I have my own worries and anxieties, but when I undress and become the naked trainer I forget all that and become a different person. I sort of got the impression from you Rob about the pup-play, that ok it’s fun, but it’s mainly about taking your mind to another place, and I think that’s really good and really interesting, and that’s opened my eyes to those possibilities.

I would just say that since then I have dabbled! I popped in the butt-plug tail, I had a make-shift collar made from a studded leather bicep strap, I got down on the floor and I started frolicking around. I have to say it was a fabulous twenty minutes. I almost became a puppy, I was looking at myself in the mirror and saying “look at the little doggy, lovely doggy” and wagging my tail. I didn’t make any dog noises, but I did look at myself and I referred to myself as “little doggy”, and honestly I felt amazing.  I sort of felt empowered in a funny sort of way and I think…. well I’ve never done it again, but I think I’d like to. I’m not sure if I have the confidence to do it with another person, but you never know there maybe someone who could help me progress it. I’d be fascinated to try again, and in any case I love having a butt-plug up my ass!!!! But most of it wasn’t sexual, most of it was just a little mind game which was really good, but that was just once. I’m not saying I’m really going to get into it but I did find it intriguing and I did have a little taste of it, so thanks for introducing me it was interesting.

We filmed a NKD Training workout video inspired by Pup Play. Where can people view it?

That was a really good session and I found it quite challenging coming up with the ideas, we did glutes and hamstrings and exercises on the floor that helped you when frolicking round on the floor, being able to lift your leg up and all that kind of thing that a puppy might do. We recorded the whole session on video and it’s still available on my naked training website but going back to what we said earlier about it being sexual, yes I suppose it did get a bit sexual didn’t it?

I seem to remember we did have some fun at the end of that and the full x-rated version of the video is available on NKD-Xtra which is at


Written by Rob Wilde

Rob Wilde, a.k.a Pup Piglet, holds the title of Mr Puppy UK 2017. Host, model and adult entertainer - Rob is one of the UK's key figures and ambassador for Pup-Play and kink culture.

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