Nick Christie is a published leatherman who writes about all gay fetish’s in an extremely horny way with real stories and characters. He says ‘I am constantly amazed and annoyed by leather porn vids, when the guys slowly undress to the point of not being in the gear at all! In my books if the guys are geared, the gear stays on! My love of leather comes from a tender young age, from seeing sexy cowboys in movies to villains and baddies in TV shows, always in leather gloves, which are so
important in my opinion’.

He started his first Story Misfits Part 1 a few years ago which was successful on Kindle and lead to more stories which now form the part of his first physically printed anthology. ‘One repeated feedback I got was some guys didn’t like kindle and wanted a physical copy. This lead me to develop a paperback with Amazon too. I decided to put all 5 books into one paperback edition as it made sense cost and page count wise. Seeing my leather clad arse on the cover, sitting in other sexy guys homes has been a real kinky thrill for me. The locations and settings are all places I have been around the world in my previous job role of International Marketing. I like to write about real places, bars and restaurants I have visited. To give the stories a level of authenticity. If you know Chicago, you will know of the places I have mentioned. For me this makes the story have more depth. Same goes for my characters, I wanted them to have a back story, so the reader can get connected to them, to understand the way they behave. I want the reader to get to know them. Relate to one of them maybe. Wish they could fuck one of them. My writing is on a level where I want guys to get off to the books. They are hardcore in places and quite aggressive, but there is reasons for that, to give you an understanding of the characters back story. I’m after a 5 cum rating rather than a 5 star rating. But I also want to give the reader a story that hangs the kinky parts together.

I am writing a brand new book with new characters at the moment. This one is a gay love story, with a lot of kink and leather. Again I wanted a story to build on with a good mix of personalities and sleaze.
You can contact Nick on Instagram @nick.g.christie and his books are available on Amazon Kindle Worldwide. A paperback version is also available of all 5 parts in one book titled The Misfits.

To get our readers horned up we have an exclusive section from one of the stories with a very Dom, sporty and sneaker bent.


Written by Nick Christie

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