Nice So Fétiche

The newest star-studded must-visit fetish event in Europe held its fourth edition in November 2019. And despite ludicrous weather for the exotic Cote D’Azur, Nice So Fétiche #4 was a huge success!

Renowned as the friendliest gay event on the calendar, Nice So Fétiche is now a very popular date for fetish friends, fans, titleholders, and associations. And it all happens in the heart of the Riviera.

The event is the brainchild of the wonderful Roby Leather and his extended ‘family’. They work all year round to make this one of the best organised events on the calendar.

There are many people involved in planning the weekend. They include the members of Evidence – a local non-profit association which organises the event. They were helped by the local sexual health associations which are largely behind Evidence including SIS, Enipse, and Sexosafe. Support was also provided by the Nice Côte d’Azur LGBT centre.

Manu Leather from Evidence explains: “It is a friendly, almost family, atmosphere that we strive to achieve. Our goal is to make it a happy rendezvous for all in the sun! Unfortunately, this year we had unfavourable and very unusual weather for our beautiful region, the French Riviera. As a result, we had to adapt, change, and re-work parts of the schedule that had been in place for months. But judging from the responses we received, the bad weather did not taint our weekend.”

The main centrepiece of the weekend was the official Evidence dinner which filled the reception hall with 180 guests. During the dinner, the Mr Evidence Leatherman 2020 contest was held. The 2019 title was won by Damien Aixes. “He knew how to conquer both the jury and the public with his simplicity, enthusiasm, and long-term interest in the fetish world,” says Manu.

Over the long weekend there were many other events covering gastronomy, culture, and the local fetish community. Highlights included the anniversary of the Point G shop and drinks at the LGBT centre. The weekend ended with a brunch that was followed by Fetish Bingo which saw 100 people take part.

“What a beautiful, crazy, and quirky way to finish this wonderful weekend!” notes Manu. “Everyone got caught up in the game, and that translated into a very friendly moment which will be repeated.”

For the people who remained in Nice after the formal weekend events finished there was a final dinner and an improvised evening at one of the many gay venues in Nice. “We never left our guests, supporters, and friends throughout the weekend. After all, the purpose of this weekend is friendliness and sharing,” says Manu.

The organisers are already turning their attention to 2020 and Nice So Fétiche #5. It will be the biggest ever as the event will also host the 2020 annual general meeting of ECMC, and the hugely important Mr Leather Europe 2021 final. The competition moves around the continent each year, but it has rarely been held in such a beautiful location as the French Riviera. The Evidence Team will do their best to make the event unforgettable for both participants and visitors alike.

Nice So Fétiche #5 will take place over four days from 19 to 22 November 2020. “The Evidence team have already booked bright sunshine for that weekend!” says Manu. “We hope that all of our previous visitors will return. And anyone who has not yet visited this incredible event now has a much bigger reason to make it in 2020.”

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Nice is a city in the French Riviera, in the south of France.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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