Nice So Fétiche 2020 program announced

Nice So Fétiche is ready to offer the weekend in gear that so many long for. I’m writing this under the sun in a clear blue sky with a comforting 24 degrees. It makes me long to walk on the Promenade des Anglais again in the beautiful city of Nice. I’m connecting to the organizers through WhatsApp videochat and suddenly three smiling faces pop up on the screen. Roby, Orel and Manu are three out of four thriving forces behind this quickly growing fetish event next to Stephane.


Guys, a few days ago, Arthur Peremans from ECMC announced here on that the Mr Leather Europe election 2020 was being postponed to 2021. He also mentioned that Nice So Fétiche would take place without the election. Tell us more.

Indeed, the Mr Leather Europe Election and AGM were cancelled. The main reasons is that many titleholders were not elected due to Corona and other haven’t been able to perform their duties as much as they would. On top of that not everyone wants to travel these days, so it seemed the best solution to postpone the election. For Nice So Fétiche we see less obstacles and have decided to go forth with the event.


May we expect any changes in the program apart from the cancelled Mr Leather Europe election?

Next to the election of Mr Leather Europe, the ECMC AGM dinner is cancelled as wel and we won’t be electing our EvidencE Leatherman this year either, due to similar reasons as with the cancellation of Mr Leather Europe.

Our current titleholder Damien Aixess has agreed to extend his title for another year. Because of the changed program, the process of the packages will drop as well. More info on that will be announced soon.

For the remaining program there are no changes expected. Let us give you a quick program overlook:



  • Welcome drink


  • Official dinner EvidencE (rooftop hôtel Aston la Scala)
  • After Dinner party (Malabar Station)


  • Birthday Point G
  • Tourist trip (t.b.a.)
  • Evening main party


  • Little train through Nice
  • Brunch
  • Bingo

    After the bingo we traditionally gather for a last dinner and we end up in Le Glam discotheque.

How is the situation in France, Nice?

Restaurants and bars have reopened with social distancing of course. Travel limitations in France are lifted as well and borders and airports reopen 15 June.

The same Covid-19 countermeasures as in the rest of Europe will apply. So, visitors from all across Europe will be welcome to visit the hospital city of Nice.

More information:

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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