New Dominion – The art of bootlicking

Jawn is one of the Worlds most well known leathermen and was First Runner Up at International Mr Leather 2019 and he is a highly educated sleazy fucking fetish pig that we are happy to have on the AT team. Jawn is technically a ‘Power Bottom’ something which was not revealed to the IML judges..

‘When I was seventeen, before the world of kink and leather was fully opened up to me (and before a time when anything was available with the click of a button online), I found myself on a dimly-lit street in one of the grungier parts of New Orleans. It was a time before anyone really cared what kids were up to, and no one paid attention to a sour-faced teenager poking around places that he didn’t belong. Places like one particular run-down kink club off the beaten path, away from the judging eyes of shoppers and moviegoers on the main streets.

The club had caught my interest when I saw the attendees. Drag queens smoking and chatting loudly outside the dented tin door. A few smooth and shiny men in jackets that only unsuccessfully attempted to hide leather straps making patterns across their chests. The music from the inside oozed out, vibrating the pavement that I stood on. I knew I wanted in, even if I wasn’t sure what in was.

With a bit of scruff down my neck and a jaw growing more square by the day, I looked more adult than child. I was able to merge myself into a group of people clustered at the door by an overwhelmed bouncer. Just small enough still to duck behind a larger queen after the bouncer nodded at only a glimpse of my face, I ducked in before he had time to recognize what had happened.

On the inside, there were men dancing in a cage in harnesses and oil and little else. The room was tight, and hot, and dimly lit, but the bar was packed and loud and exciting. The front of the house was for dancing, and chatting, and the back was set up with BDSM gear of all varieties, from shibari ropes, to saddles and paddles, cat o’ nine tails, and a quiet area to the side for people to observe and chat amongst themselves, hands-off.

I’m no stranger to the leather scene. In my line of work, “thank your local leather daddy” has been a mantra spread throughout the underground. At the time though, this was something very new, and thrilling in a way that I hadn’t, in my almost eighteen years, been exposed to yet. I’d almost call it formative. I sat down in a darkened corner and watched with the other starry-eyed voyeurs, hoping no one would ask too many questions, and that I could ask a few myself.

A man on the right side of the “stage” sat King-style in his wooden chair, chest glistening a bit, one foot up on a platform in a pair of boots that looked like they had just been shined and pants that matched the vibe. Another man, smaller, approached him from the side, crawling on his knees and the palms of his hands like a dog. As he moved, many of the voyeurs leaned forward in their seats with anticipation. I watched them all: the men on stage, and the ones in the corner with me, waiting.

“It’s just one of the ultimate forms of domination, right?” one such watcher, Nick* shared with me over his quickly watering drink. I make a face of curiosity, I’m sure, and he continued. “It’s public degradation. He has to service you–no, not has to–he wants to service you like this. It’s not even sexual, not really. He’s just putting himself at your feet. It’s like…biblical. Like Mary Magdalene”.

Nick’s partner, Elliot* sat by him, still gazing at the display in the corner of the stage with a watered-down rum & coke. Nick’s feet were up on Elliot’s knees and he stroked them absently while watching. “It’s not just that”, he mused. “Everyone likes the smell of leather. Even vegans like the smell of leather. The earthiness, the bitterness of polish. The look of it, it’s very…” he went quiet for a moment while watching the man on all-fours lick up the length of the boot’s shaft, “regal? Domineering. I like a man in uniform. Does that make me a bootlicker?”. He laughed quietly to himself.

“It’s like it’s both dangerous and protective. It’s comforting. And it’s not too vulgar, you can do it anywhere if you’re subtle”. His hands stiffened on Nick’s Bootlicker… something about the long, earthy, shiny shafts, the act of cleansing and servitude, the accessibility without need for extra play materials, and the strong ties to the rest of the leather domination scene make it an easy-in for the kink community, spanning the gap between heavy BDSMers and beginner pups, and even the more vanilla on the spectrum. It’s an easy-in to sexual servitude, and everyone is welcome. I have to imagine there’s something primal about it, dating back to when we had to kill and tan our own leather. The smell of it brings back that memory from generations back, almost animalistic.

If we’re out in public and he asks me to tie up his boots, Elliot gushed, I still get a bit of a thrill. There’s nothing quite like it


Written by Jawn Marques

Jawn is 1st Runner up IML 41, Mr San Francisco Leather 2019 and Mr Daddy's Barbershop Leather 2019.

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