Farex is the Top Superhero fetish guy on the planet with his Mr Superhero 2020 sash draped sexily across his favourite Spidey outfit. Farex is as many will know a former Mr Puppy Switzerland from 2016 upgraded to Mr Puppy Europe 2017 and he is a regular in the Continents Darkrooms protecting the asses and cocks of the general public with his special powers and his never ending webslime. We asked him just as Disney + launches Worldwide which includes every Marvel stud, muscle hunk and mega bulge in HD available to all to pick his Top 10 film and comic book superheroes he wishes was gay with specific reference to who has the biggest hammer, most outstanding muscle tone, who would be best in bed and which would be able to take Thanos’s infinity stone gauntlet in the man ring deepest in a hard fisting session.

Farex – Mr Superhero Fetish Europe 2020

FAREX’s TOP 10 Superheroes

10, Catwoman. So it’s not because I’m gay that I can’t appreciate the feminine gender, that I find a lot of sex in lycra or latex… In at 10, I’ll say Catwoman because she wears latex!!! and I love her character! She’s also linked to the universe of Spiderman. 

9, Captain America. The actor Chris Evans is pretty sexy, but I’m less attached to his leadership and story. I’m more “free electron” (like Spidey). 

8, Black Panther. I adoooore his costume that molds him pretty well I must say… very hot. He probably has the biggest cock in the superhero universe.

7, Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson made this character (at the secondary base) super sexy, mysterious and super endearing. I love it when she moves and she is great at beating up guys

6, Venom. Well, don’t love all his appearances… but it’s always been a fantasy to have “hugs” with him… especially when you see his how he speaks and his language… 

5, Batman… well, more Bruce Waine to be honest… Who has never dreamed of having gadgets like him? And not worry about money and he just looks as though he would be a great shag too? 

4, Iron man. Aaaahhh Tony Stark, the free electron in all its glory! A lot of charm, a lot of charisma, a lot of great values and above all, he knows how to trust the right people. And that’s the uncle that Peter kind of lost. He would make a great daddy 

3, Deadpool. I love this antihero! And then… full leather… we imagine a lot of things… I also like his mentality (especially in the second film) but we also know from the comics that he has parts of shadow and darkness in him. 

2, Spiderman/Peter Parker. Whether it’s Toby Mcguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland… They’re all sexy and represent a Spiderman of different universes. Personally, I like the three actors in their versions of the hero all equally, with a little weakness for the last one; Tom Holland as he has an incredible ass. 

1, Spider-Verse. As much as Miles Morales is not an “executioner of hearts” but he has great values and a character just like me… I really identify with him. In addition, his costume is in red and black!! My fetish colors. He is definitley my number one Superhero.

The best gay moments from superhero movies or TV shows?
I don’t have any special ones… (Maybe Farex needs to watch more of Thor’s shirtless scene – AT) …because there aren’t really any very well-known gay superheroes in the marvel/comics universe yet. There’re certainly, many allusions around some characters, such as batman and robin or Spiderman and Venom… But there is however a film that emphasizes not homosexuality, but pansexuality best  and it’s Deadpool 2, where the actor plays very well with his orientation, openly flirting with the sexy as fuck Colossus whilst still being engaged to a woman. (AT…Deadpool time to come out of the closet and start sucking all that hot superhero cock and swallowing whatever comes out; maybe start with Starlord from The Guardians Of The Galaxy….now Ryan Renolds getting his tongue into Chris Pratts hairy manhole would be worth the annual Disney + subscription alone.) 


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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