Mr S Leather’s Hot Trojan Gear

Whilst in lockdown we had ample time to look around all our favourite gay fetish retailers online and pick the best darkroom wear. So we are ready for the post-quarantine ball-busting fuck fest that we are all looking forward to. Over at Mr S Leather we were drawn heavily to their fantastic new Trojan line which looks hotter than Michael Roman with two dicks up his ass.

Mr S Leather is well-known as the biggest gay fetish store in the world, as their San Francisco flagship store is a veritable palace of Aladdin’s Cave of endless fetish great gear and more sex toys than even Dolf Dietrich can handle on a Saturday night. Basically it’s like a wonderland maze: when you enter you may never leave, but you certainly won’t want to. Your hole will probably be a very different shape indeed when you finally get out into the hot Californian sunlight.

Started by the gay legend that was Alan Selby (see our feature in Alphatribe 15), last year the Walmart of the dildo world celebrated their 40th anniversary of trading. They have dressed the best amongst us. Their gear can be found in all your favourite retailers across the globe. But if you are a lazy fukka like, say, many bottoms during lockdown, then absolutely everything is available in every size and colour imaginable on their eye-popping website. They use the hottest models including many well-known fetish porn stars, so you can easily knock one out whilst shopping for some new rubber wear.

The current main front man of the team is the hot as hell ‘Jonathan’ who many will recognise from the many booths they run (from IML to MAL and from Folsom to Darklands and everything in between). As an added bonus for all the guys over at PupDate, the flagship SF store is the biggest puppy retail space in the known universe. It is fetish pup heaven complete with dog treats.

The Trojan line is currently one of their biggest sellers and it is easy to see why. It was launched in 2015 and was an instant hit. They used their best-selling Bulldog gear as a starting point and added side straps that draw one’s eye to your cock and accentuates your V-shape. Murdy from Mr S Leather told us: “Our goal was to produce something heavy duty that you could really play hard in – think Sex Warrior“.

Great for Alphatribe readers, who are all serious heavy duty dark room deviants who want to look good and have the gear last a long time (even when they severely put it through its paces under a tsunami of lube, piss, spunk and mansweat). Furthermore, Murdy told us: “It works great on a wide variety of body types and should look superb on all. It is extremely versatile: you can wear it with jeans or the matching Trojan jockstrap.  You can also wear it without the sidestraps and it will work with so much of your existing gear too. The jockstrap can be worn as a traditional jockstrap if required or in combination with the harness. You can remove the waistband and just have buttstraps. Alternatively, you can wear just a pouch for that next to naked Ralph Bruneau type feeling“.

At the time of writing in early June, due to Covid 19 and in line with local instructions, the retail store was remaining closed.  They are currently offering store front pickup, which is handy. And yes, their website is up and running and always will be.

In other territories there is even better news, with most of the European partners opened. This is increasing weekly and is also happening across North America, but there are variations between states and locations. For best up to date information and to see the entire contents of Mr S’s megastore, see all the goodies and regular updates on

Trojan Look 1

Trojan Body Harness Silver Hardware
Buy from here

Trojan Armband Silver
Buy from here

Trojan Jock Silver Hardware
Buy from here
  1. Trojan Body Harness Silver Hardware
  2. Trojan Armband Silver
  3. Trojan Jock Silver Hardware

Trojan Body Harness Silver hardware – High quality black latigo leather with colour garment leather backing. It pairs with matching jockstrap, armbands and cockstraps. Multiple levels of adjustability.

Trojan Silver Armband – This 1 ½” thick latigo strap closes with a heavy-duty roller buckle and has three levels of adjustability for a perfect fit. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Trojan combo, this armband will look great with any of your other gear too!

Trojan Jock silver hardware – Please note that the black d-rings were designed to have a harness clipped into them, not the front o-rings.  The o-rings are a design feature and will not fit the clips of the Trojan Body Harness.

Trojan Look 2

CHP Motorcycle Officer Gloves
Buy from here

Berlin Bar Vest
Buy from here

Piped Sam Browne Shoulder Strap
Buy from here

Wide Garment Wristband
Buy from here

Leather Jean Short
Buy from here
  1. CHP Motorcycle Officer Gloves
  2. Berlin Bar Vest
  3. Piped Sam Browne Shoulder Strap
  4. Wide Garment Wristband
  5. Leather Jean Short

Berlin Bar vest – Designed to really show off your chest.  Two discreet internal pockets give you a place to store your stuff and it is perfect for dayware too with jeans, etc.

Wide Garment Wristband – As modelled by Alphatribe’s favourite porn star Mr Dirk Caber himself. A classic 2″ wide garment leather Wristband, available in 4 sizes. Available individually or in pairs.

Leather Jean Short – The Leather Jean Short takes a classic leather look and modernizes the fit for a hot, come fuck me look. These short leather shorts hug your ass beautifully and make your thick thighs pop! They have four pockets and a hidden zipper fly.

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Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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