The biggest trend in fetish wear and fastest rising new tribe is the gay sportwear guys. It is now seen as the entry level fetish often easier to get into, often cheaper to purchase than whole rubber, leather or puppy outfits and its fitness and fit guys aesthetic chimes well with young kinksters. Right at the forefront of this burgeoning growth is the Superbrand Mr. Riegillio, the trendsetting Dutch based company that only started in 2018. One of their main raison d’être’s is to bring PVC to the forefront of the gay fetish world which is clearly working as you can see it everywhere nowadays.

Their headline item at the moment is the PVC tracksuit with twin stripes. They currently have 4 different black tracksuits with a choice of white, red or yellow stripes and also a stunning red PVC Tracksuit. They tell us that they are soon to add a Fifth version with a great new design and those trackpants will have a dark room, leather bar friendly through zip. The tracksuit jacket features two distinct stripes with a drawstring in the hood (yep there is a hood) and a black printed white MR. logo on the chest.  The tracksuits comes in many different colours; just pick the one which matches your fetish hanky code or simply get the colour you love! 

PVC Tracksuit jacket with yellow stripes

€ 109,95

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PVC Tracksuit pants with yellow stripes

€ 89,95

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As from € 9,95

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  1. PVC Tracksuit jacket with yellow stripes
  2. PVC Tracksuit pants with yellow stripes
  3. Socks

Each jacket retails at 109.95 Euros and the trackpants are just shy of 90 Euros which is great value as this stuff will last a very long time. Possibly most importantly is that a PVC tracksuit makes for great civilian day wear away from fetish events and bars and will look just a great around the shops, in the park, on holiday or around your Mum’s house for Sunday Dinner and therefore you will almost certainly get much more use out of it day to day than possibly your leather uniform or rubber suit. Although it is definitely a track suit being PVC you probably don’t want to wear this for sport unless you are into the smell of man sweat and let’s face it which AT readers you probably are.

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It comes in a whopping Nine different sizes from mega small right through to 5XL so whether you are Mini Me or a burger scoffing fetish magazine editor or even Donald ‘fat bastard’ Trump then the team at will find the perfect piece for you to rock out in. Joking apart as with PVC you should order your tracksuit or gear based on your regular size but be aware that PVC is a ‘non-elastic material’, which means that once it has been stretched it will not go back to its original finish and shape. (Unlike say Rocco Steele or Cutler X’s cocks!)

Leading International gay sporty porn superstars like HungYoungBrit, JoshyBoy, Reece McKenzie and Mike Lee have adopted this brand & are now seen regularly in Riegillio trackies as their gear of choice and wear it on film locations like Mike Lee.

Mike Lee

Very satisfied kink players told us:

I absolutely love the tracksuit. It feels so good and looks hot. It‘s the best tracksuit I‘ve ever worn. Very fast delivery and very nice, quick and competent service. You guys fromMr. Riegillio are the best’


it was a great tracksuit for a sub. A superb looking tracksuit! Fitting is awesome! Feels great on the body.I would love to get this tracksuit in more colours (orange or pink one with white stripes would be awesome:-)


Love my PVC tracksuit with yellow stripes not very common in North America tons of positive comments from strangers on the street’. (Mr Riegillio does ship to anywhere in the World)


Of course, the only thing extra you need for your new both street and gay bar is your favourite pair of trainers (now accepted in all fetish venues, clubs and play areas as a ‘Fetish look’) and some quality sports socks. Mr Riegillio has that covered too with a great range of the very best sock brands from Sk8erboy, SNEAKFREAXX, Mister B & Alpha Industries in every colour of the rainbow flag with whatever message you want on them from FCK YOU to SNIFF ME or from BONE ME to WOOF. With Fetish bars and clubs eager to re-open for all of our carnal desires now is the perfect time to head to and get kitted out for 2021. Just think no more changing rooms, lockers etc just head out, socialise and play and head back all in the same gear. Street fetish is very definitely here to stay.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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