Gay men come in all shapes and sizes and we love it that way and would not want it to be any different. Two of the biggest trends of the last fetish decade has been the huge rise in popularity of daddies and musclebears both of which have helped make bigger lads feel more welcome, accepted, sexual and sought after than ever before. In addition, we have always in the gay World had a huge attraction to rugby players so it seems that large guys have never been more in vogue than at present and rightly so. We firmly believe that the gay fetish world is always the friendliest end of the queer spectrum anyway and we all are very proud of words like community, family and brotherhood etc and hopefully that means that body fascism does not exist nor should it at our events, bars and parties.

Not all of us can or want to look like or have sex with, Brent Everett, Joey Mills, Olly Alexander from ‘It’s A Sin’ or indeed the latest porn twink dragged out by Bel Ami or Helix Studios and tbh a bit of meat on your bones is a very appealing thing to so many of us – if for no other reason than big lads are nicer to cuddle. 15 years ago, gay Lebanese singer Mika should have done a version for us of his International hit as ‘Big Guys you are Beautiful’ as it seems without question, they undoubtedly are 2021. 

Cinnamon brown leather shirt

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  1. Cinnamon brown leather shirt
  2. Leather dungaree

Many clothing retailers produce items aimed at the standard height, weight and size rather than those that do not fit with norms making the choice limited for large numbers of customers and even worse they often charge extra for items that do not fit the basic small, medium and large criteria and this is readily prevalent in gay fetish gear too. mR. Riegillio the Dutch based International fetish retailer who just last month celebrated their 3rd Anniversary since their humble beginnings in 2018 (Happy Birthday to them) are the trailblazers in providing fetish gear for all, whatever your size as everyone should be welcome in all fetish tribes in whatever gear they are into.


MR.Riegillio’s XXL collection is very important to the company as their main man Riegillio himself told us “Bigger is always better. And we love bigger. We are very proud of our extensive range to date and our XXL collection will grow over time so make sure you’ll come back big boy! Currently we have a large number of products available. Some go to 3XL, others are also available in 4XL and 5XL”.On the website you will find the full range which currently runs to 56 items including the very popular PVC tracksuits, leather shirts, Hoodies, T-shirts plus the Alpha Industries and Toy For A Boy gear together with the accessories and ancillaries…..all in the widest variety of sizes in the LBGTQ+ universe.

For the sake of ease, you can choose between XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL or 5XL and of course the experienced team is always on hand to guide you and ensure you get the exact right size for you to show off all your great curves and that all important bulge and tight ass. To complete the picture, you of course have the standard S,M and Large sizes together with the just as important XS (Extra Small) and XXS (Extra Extra small) for the cute little fetish kinkster whom is just as welcome in mR.Riegillio gear and our community as the rest of us.

The increasingly popular retailer lives by the mantra that all fetish men should be able to have the great gear they want that fits perfectly whatever their size or shape at the fairest of prices to all. It is a wonderful policy which we hope others will follow especially on retailers’ websites where they are freer to offer wider choice, sizes and variety than maybe available to stock in a store in one particular time. Therefore, we expect to see endless hot guys of all varieties at each and every one of the big parties starting to be lined up in the gay fetish calendar as we burst out of lockdown and if there is anything you particularly want not readily available in your size then contact the mR.R team directly and they will attempt to help. If XXL and above is increasingly popular in the gay world then it seems only right and a situation that those guys have as much choice and variety as the rest of us.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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