Fetish gear we used to buy to project an image or an association with masculinity, a group or occupation. That is why we all have leather uniforms to be associated with, cops, firemen and the military etc, sportswear, skinhead gear or rubber latex outfits that are as close to our superhero idols as Marvel and DC’s copyright will allow the manufacturers and retailers to get and there are many other examples. Most ubiquitous of all is the motorcycle biker look which gay men adopted straight of the sweaty back of Marlon Brando in 1953’s classic The Wild One movie.

In that film Brando plays Johnny Strabler the ultimate outsider who is the leader of the 40 strong anti-establishment Black Rebels Motorcycle Gang and many of the movie’s images have become truly iconic ever since. Most notably the gay fetish world adopted the motorcycle jacket, peaked cap and general leather look as a sign of machismo and maleness which was also a safe fashion to wear out and about, almost intimidating in the era when homosexuality was still illegal. Tom Of Finland and Drummer perpetuated that image strongly which was THE fetish look up and basis for our title contests up to the Millenium……then when guys felt safer in their more modern-day image they started to want colour, design and fashion which have been the hallmark of the fetish since 2000.

Leather Hoodie Black/White

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Leather joggers


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  1. Leather Hoodie Black/White
  2. Leather joggers

MR. Riegillio are right on this trend as everything they do is for the modern fetish kinkster with a heavy link to fashion and clever design…..sort of Armani or Calvin Klein for the dark room and of course the bar, park and street too, their models even wear the fetish fashion items with accessories from the likes of Dior to emphasise that this is gear for the 21st Century to be seen in and admired anywhere anytime.With fetish fashion it has to be quality and sought after. Items like their Leather sleeveless Brando jacket retailing at 209EU and their Leather Brando jacket just under 250EU are pure fashion items that one could imagine hot off the fashion walkways of Milan or Paris just as much at the bar of The Boots, New Action, Ramrod or The Barracks.. Together with the new addition of the Black leather Cargo Pants (200EU) with a drawstring at the waist, pockets at front and back plus additional cargo pockets with white panels it is pure fashionable fetish right at the heart of what guys are looking for today. As a bonus with both jackets every order gets a free key chain which you can use for your jacket if you like!

Possibly the most fashionable fetish item of the last few years has been the arrival of the fetish hoodie which has a great image especially for the younger kinkster and of course is fantastically practical too. MR. Riegillio have 3 great leather hoodies which are the height of fashion ranging from 250-375EU namely the black leather hoodie, the black and white one and the wonderful top of the range full camo leather hoodie which brings the army barracks straight to the heart of every of fetish venue and equally perfect for dinner and drinks etc in true #GEAR365 wear it all day and night style. When getting a fetish hoodie note these are all handmade, incredible quality, are highly designed and will last for a very long time.

As most guys from the leather tribe know their gear is built to last. It is a natural product, a living material that breathes and is flexible. The visible veins, pores, scars and slight differences in strength and colour in the skin characterize the authenticity of each and every leather jacket or item. It should also be noted that with your best leather gear like these that you should spray them with stain and water-repellent colourless leather sprays before wearing and at intervals thereafter, for better protection against dirt and water.

There is no question that fetish has truly become fashionable with a capital ‘F’ over the last 2 decades and the modern gay player is very keen on quality, looking unique, wearing something well designed and hopefully where possible with a nod back to our proud gay traditions and images of the last 70 years. MR.lio are right on the current zeitgeist with fetish as fashion or indeed fashion as fetish and we know they have lots more similar items to come to add to the existing large choice on their website at where you can dress to impress everywhere whilst shopping for groceries to the club dance floor and be the most noticeable guy down your local leather bar too. As their fetish fashion logo says ‘Wear it wherever you like’. 


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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