Mr Leather Europe cancelled, Nice So Fétiche to take place.

Arthur Peremans, interim board member of ECMC informed Alphatribe today that the annual Mr Leather Europe election, originally planned to be held during Nice So Fétiche in November this year, will be cancelled.

“As a result of the many cancelled elections due to corona; there’s only a small number of titleholders that would be able to compete for this year’s title. On top of that the titleholders that did get elected before lockdown haven’t really had the chance to present themselves to the community”

Arthur indicates that this will mean that current titleholder Stevio Blackheart will have his title extended for one year. “We’ve decided not to postpone the election for a few months or so, but instead skip the entire year. In 2021 the Mr Leather Europe election will take place again in France during Nice So Fétiche. This also moves the election that was planned for 2021 in Manchester by Manchester Leathermen to 2022.”

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Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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