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In 2020 as the beautiful Netherlands takes over the entire fetish world with their hot residents winning almost every International fetish title their is going. PAUL STAG speaks to the top rubberman on the planet Adalberto Rubbadam your current Mr International Rubber 2019/20 about his big night at MIR 23 in Chicago, the appeal of rubber gear and why Dutch lads are so damn fucking popular.


So who is Adalberto Rubbadam?

In random order: kinkster, big heart, kisser and cuddler, citizen of the world, DNA scientist, ballroom enthusiast, BodyPump instructor, human being, perfectionist.


What made you enter the Mr Rubber Netherland contest?

I felt it was my turn to give back to the fetish community, which has given me so much in the last ten years (my partner, my best friends, the best experiences). I wanted to help grow our rubber scene and community. By the way, you don’t need a sash to be engaged: already in 2018, I started promoting and organising regular Rubber socials in Amsterdam, which are going strong and are a lot of fun, and we are now expanding to other cities. As a titleholder, I could boost the visibility of the rubbermen within the Dutch and European fetish scene and at a number of local Pride events. Acceptance starts from visibility.

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How was your MIR weekend in Chicago? (Was it your first time/high point/low point/support/other contestants/what did you have to do in the contest?)

Totally crazy! It was my first MIR and my first time in Chicago: what a beautiful city, plenty of interesting architecture, history and musea. I didn’t know what I could expect from MIR and it was an incredible experience in many aspects. The contestants turned out to be all lovely, warm-hearted individuals, committed to their communities and to have fun together (and did you see how sexy they all are?!). We helped each other and truly became friends for life! Then the tsunami of energy that the public threw at us on stage was WOW, and it really boosted my performance: unforgettable! Go watch the video of the election night at and you will see! And I loved to see once again the wild diversity of our rubber scene: the colours, the shapes, the kinks from BDSM to gunge play, rubber dolls, puppies, skins… you name it and it exists: the creativity in the rubber scene is mind-blowing!

A low point: I was so nervous during the question on stage that I forgot to mention one of my biggest projects: the launch of the Miss Rubber Netherlands title! The one and only Miss Rubber title in Europe at this time. The election will be on June 5th in Amsterdam at The Eagle. It’s time for an even large community. #StrongerTogether!

What did I have to do in the contest: we had interviews with 7 (!) international judges, a rubber image round, a question on stage, the rubber fantasy (90 seconds show) and the grab bag.


Your rubber image round was spectacular tell our readers about gender-bending rubber eleganza?

Thank you! My outfit was inspired by Billy Porter’s famous tuxedo-gown: that was pure gender-bending eleganza. I just added a rubbery twist to it. If women can wear pants, why can’t men wear heels and skirts?

I wanted to make a statement against gender stereotypes. We live in very exciting times: despite daily news about bigotry around the world, there is a stronger positive force of expanding gender, sexual and personal expressions. RuPaul is mainstream, the ballroom scene is thriving and Pose brought a hidden jewel of LGBTIQ+ history on TV, there is a growing diversity and acceptance within the fetish scene as old stereotypes are challenged, my IML brother Jack is a transman of color, the list is so long! I wanted to bring the positive feeling on stage of “Be who you were before all that stuff happened that dimmed your fucking shine!” and have FUN! The way the audience embraced me and went totally crazy, made me feel so proud of where our rubber community stands! The rubber scene is truly leading on these topics.


How did you feel when your name was called as MIR 23 in the largest rubber contest with the most contestants ever held?

My dream was to make the top 3. When all the contestants were standing on stage, we had no clue how the others had performed during the night. The interviews are private and for most of the election night we were backstage in the basement, busy with outfit changes and waiting for our turn, so we couldn’t see what was happening on stage, nor could we hear the public’s reaction. And then, there you stand and the second runner up – Rodi – is called, then the second runner up – Matthew – is announced… and that’s when I thought “uhm, either I didn’t make the top 3, or..” and then my name was called!! I feel very honoured and humbled, even more so after seeing everybody’s performances: my MIR brothers were all so good and so much fun!


What does rubber mean to you and what do you think is the appeal?

For me rubber is about the shiny, slick and skin-tight look, as a second skin, and it has a special smell too. You cannot hide your body under tight latex: it shows it as it is, thin or round or square. So, we are nudged to embrace our body as it. And when one owns and embraces their body and themselves, the eyes being to sparkle.

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What is your favourite piece of rubber gear?

For sure my rubber chaps and my self-made tank top with the XXX symbol of Amsterdam. The chaps feel great on the legs and frame my best ass-et 😉 The tank top represents the city I am proud to live in and its history of fetish.


What has your homecoming to The Netherlands been like?

It’s been a very very warm one! A Dutch Rubbermen social was already scheduled in the weekend right after MIR, and the guys turned it into a big victory party at two venues that are dear to me: The Web and the Eagle. Some guys drove 1,5 h to be there: so hart-warming and humbling. It was a fun night and the local TV station made an item about it.


Where is the strangest place you have ever had sex?

What is still “strange” nowadays? The woods are a vintage classic, I guess. So, I would choose between a friend’s roof terrace in Venice during a summer afternoon (Venice can be more than romance…), or the time I spent a long lunch break in a toilet of the university during my internship (no, I was not alone!). If anybody has other interesting suggestions, see my contacts below!


With The Netherlands now holding 3 of the 4 International Titles Mr International Bootblack, Mr World Bear and your Mr International Rubber what is so good about the Dutch scene and what is your favourite bar(club or event)?

We are a small country, but very international and open. Dutch people travel a lot and like to connect with people of all backgrounds. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we like to have fun and are straightforward. At our fetish events everybody is welcome, and it’s not a coincidence that the first Miss Leather title in Europe started here, and we are now expanding with the Miss Rubber title.

Favourite bar: I am biased towards Amsterdam, where I visit regularly The Web, The Eagle, Club chUrch, and Prik. The best events: Dutch Rubbermen weekend in May of course, Amsterdam Pride in August and Leather & fetish Pride end October.


When visiting your country (as soon as we’re allowed again) what is the one favourite personal location you would recommend to them?

Go for a new experience: enjoy classical music at the renown Concertgebouw, stay fit with one of my BodyPump classes, embrace your cunty-ness with a vogue-femme class by my hero Amber Vineyard, or find your lines with an arms control class by Nagato Miyake Mugler. Drop me a msg and I’m happy to take you to any of these!


What is your plan for your title year at this early stage and what is the one thing you hope to achieve

So far it’s been not easy as you can imagine due to the crisis. I hope to visit as many rubber communities as possible and promote their regular local events, because the smaller parties always have very good and genuine vibes. It all starts with a community of like-minded people. Of course, I will also be present at events that take place (depending on the Covid-19 situation) to represent the shiny rubber community. Establishing Miss Rubber Netherlands is a major project which I hope will be the start of more engagement of the ladies in our fetish community. I’m also promoting prevention of HepC with the simple tips and tricks of NoMoreC campaign


How can gay fetish fans Worldwide follow Adalberto?

Gay and straight and everything in between can follow me at:
My public FB page:
Public IG account: mir23_rubbadamnl
kinksterNL on Recon and GayRomeo

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Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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