Mister International Rubber

Mister International Rubber

MIR 23: Underground was a blast. I’ve been to a lot of contests as a leatherman and IML 39 and since, but this was a true joy. MIR was held in Chicago from November 8-10. The Center on Halsted hosted the number draw, classes, vendor mart, gear sale, lube wrestling, rubber pup rumpus, and a sexy rubber fashion show including yours truly in barely-there rubber kit.

Counselor Ochumary Onyx and I taught the Art of the Cruise in the educational component. It was a fun, (hopefully) informative and a sexy discussion. Other topics included: Rubber Gear 101, The Physics of Kink, and Bondage: Behind the Scenes.

The contest was at The Vic Theater. It’s a lovely venue and was perfect for the event. There were 16 International contestants vying for the title. Not only did they beautifully represent different geographical segments of the rubber scene but all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors of our scene.

This was my first MIR but certainly won’t be my last. I found the event to be joyous, creative, smart, and welcoming to all. Aside from the closed interviews, we witnessed categories of rubber image, onstage question, rubber fantasy, and mystery bag. They were innovative, clever, messy, sexy, and did I say, sexy? Yes. Sexy. The mystery bag was a blast as everyone had 3 items in a bag to use on a willing sub in a jock. It was creative (and messy) fun. The fantasies were all super. My personal favorites were a skit by Matthew from Australia where he was Dommed by Siri who made him her Pig, Ayko from France who made a human sundae complete with a cherry on top, and Adalberto was a crowd favorite with a winning Vogue.

The audience even got a voice in the selection with an audience vote. The playful nature of the event weekend was infectious. There were code, dance, social, and play parties every night and I saw old friends and made new ones. A great event in every way. I look forward to what next year’s planners and contestants will have up their slick and shiny sleeves.

Congratulations to your new MIR from Europe, Mr. Rubber Netherlands, Adalberto. Matthew Shepherd is first runner up and Rodi Coderage, 2nd runner up. Each hard won and well deserved. •


Written by Ralph Bruneau

Ralph was International Mister Leather 2017 and is a regular contributor to Alphatribe.

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