Celebrate Diversity and Pride with Mister B… because Our Community Needs it Now More than Ever. At a time when hate crimes and queer discrimination runs rampant, it is necessaryfor our communities to come together to appreciate and celebrate our differences,because we are stronger together.

Mister B launches a Pride Campaign that celebrates the diverse individuals that make up ourwonderful community: B PROUD!
Inspired by the colours of the Progress Pride Flag that represents the diversity of the broader queercommunity, Mister B presents a beautiful photo and video collection of 10 unique communitymembers, the B PROUD Ambassadors, who share what Pride means to them.The B PROUD campaign posters can be found around the city of Amsterdam for two weeksaround Pride season and we hope it expands to others cities.

Tony de Wilde the Mister B brand manager told Alphatribe -“So far in 2021, we’ve seen posters celebrating same-sex marriage in theNetherlands defaced, Pride flags torn down and burned in Georgia, LGBTQ hate crime bills blocked in Italy, a gay man was beaten to death in Spain,over a dozen queer and trans folks were murdered in Guatemala and the USis having a devastatingly, record-breaking year with more trans and gendernon-conforming folks being murdered than ever before, most of whom wereblack and Latinx. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Never before has there been a need for our community to come together, appreciate, support each other and unite.”

“For this reason, Mister B has created a Pride campaign that celebrates the diversity that isour community. As a leading, queer fetish brand, it has become clear that there is a need to celebrate the uniqueness of everyone within the community in order to help bring our communities together.”

“As a proud black man, I want to be visible and vocal as an example to everyone that youdon’t have to be afraid of being yourself. Follow your passion!” Ambassador Alexander,@alyyybabaaa said.

Tony went on “The queer community is not homogenous and with that not completely unified. There is stilldiscrimination within our own groups like racism, transphobia, fat-shaming, ageism and more.The hate that has impacted us from the outside world makes its way into our queer spaces andfurther divides us. But it is through learning to appreciate our differences that we can value andsupport each other. When we support each other, we become stronger together. We must bestrong to overcome the adversity that continues to harm and oppress our queer siblings aroundthe world.”

“This collection of 10 fabulous and unique individuals is a celebration of the beauty of diversity.These are community members who have volunteered to be part of our campaign to show their pride in and enthusiasm for their uniqueness and are happy to celebrate it with each other. Each person has a unique perspective of what Pride means to them and shares it with hopes of it reaching and inspiring that person out there that doesn’t feel represented, heard or seen. This collection of messages is for them.”

“Pride is about love and respect and better understanding ourselves and others. It’s about thefreedom to be ourselves and standing up for those who need our support.” Ambassador Chris,@bear.devil added.

By sharing these messages of Pride with everyone, it can allow queer folks of all ages, races,genders that they exist, they are valued and they can be proud of who they are. It can showhaters that no matter what they try to say or do, you can’t keep us down. We are Proud! 

You can see the entire campaign online at and on any of their socialmedia channels.
Instagram @misterb.official and @misterb.wings
Facebook @MisterB.Amsterdam
Twitter @Mister_B_Ams Or on YouTube


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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