MIR requesting not to travel to Chicago

The board of Mister International Rubber send out a press release requesting people not to travel to Chicago this year. At the same time they’re reaching out to clubs around the world to contribute to an online experience to replace the regular event.

“Since our announcement last month regarding cancelling the contest portion of the MIR24 weekend, it has come to our attention that people have inquired about making travel arrangements to Chicago for this year.

At this point in time we strongly discourage anyone from traveling to Chicago for MIR24. The current situation in the United States is not conducive too safe and healthy travel. Additionally, the public health guidelines in Illinois will not provide for gatherings of more than 50 people. We expect this restriction will be in place through the end of this year.

It is clear that this year’s international rubber gathering will be a virtual or digital one rather than an in person gathering here in Chicago. We hope that this may involve simultaneous gatherings by clubs and organizations around the world on that weekend. We also hope this will be a new opportunity for us to expand our offerings and to create a global shared experience.

As we move into an expanded online experience this year we’d like to shine the spotlight on clubs and content creators from around the globe, and we need your help! If you are part of a rubber club or are a content creator please contact our production team to open lines of communication for how we might work together to create a truly shiny and unique online global event weekend.

Specifically we are seeking contact with club leadership, online video content creators, on-air talent, educators, artists, entertainers, manufacturers, and other creatives interested in creating for and participating in a global online rubber event. 

If you are interested send us an email at!  Content creators from under-represented populations are strongly encouraged to participate.”

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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