Declare interest

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Nobody really uses the hanky code anymore, so you have to do it with body language. That means you must think about how you stand, make eye contact, and smile. If you are top, make it obvious. Stand with presence or get your dick out, stroke it hard and show the subs what they’re in […] More

The Market

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Every fetish retailer you can think of will be at Darklands. They’ll have their best gear, toys, demos, and discounts. You’ll never have this much choice or such access to the best advice in the industry. Alphatribe has a massive booth right in the heart of the action, so drop in and say hi. We’ll […] More

The Main Stage

Submitted to: Top 10 tips for Darklands

The daytime entertainment starts about midday and runs through to 20.00. At that point, the transformation of the venue for the club nights begins. Last year there were three stages, each with a continual roster of events. Generally the big events happen on the Main Stage, but not always. Check the schedule to find out […] More

Don’t hog slings

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There is a shortage of slings in most darkrooms due to space. They are for guys who want some serious wrist-riding action. Jump into one when you have found a top willing to do a full cavity search of both your outer and inner rings. Don’t lie there all night as if you are on […] More

The Contests

Submitted to: Top 10 tips for Darklands

Darklands is all-encompassing and welcomes every tribe. That means your high point will probably depend on whether you are a puppy, sports fan, or rubber pig. The centrepiece which is the election of the new Mr Leather Belgium and is why Darklands/Leatherpride was initially established. But it’s the annual Mr Puppy Europe title event which […] More

Don’t be a dickhead

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You can’t believe how many people go into a darkroom and hold a conversation. This is the fuck zone. If you want to catch up on the day’s events, stay in the bar rather than blocking the flow in the play area and putting a downer on the horny vibe. Which reminds us – don’t […] More

Don’t assume BB

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Ten years ago, everyone’s default was to rubber up and be safe. If a guy asked you to fuck him, you reached for the condoms and lube. After the almost universal adoption of PrEP (some figures indicate more than 85 percent of casual sex players take the pill whether poz or neg), most now want […] More

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