Dress right

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Darkrooms are hot sweaty places and guys want to get at your mouth, nips, cock, and ass. Make the coat check your first stop. Get rid of your dancefloor look and get sex ready. You are entering a zone which exists for one purpose: sex. Whether that’s fucking, sucking, fisting, or rimming, you need your […] More

Have sex

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Everybody is in there for one thing – endless anonymous gay sex on repeat. Go for it. Set yourself a target to play with someone or suck a dick every 15 minutes. And adapt your standards and interests. In our experience, most ‘average’ guys are much, much better sex than many muscle gods who think […] More

Stand still

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Constantly walking around is a huge negative in larger darkrooms. We know you’re all hoping that Dwayne Johnson, Taron Egerton, or a pro sports star is just around the corner with his 15-inch dick out, but it’s a fool’s game. Stand still! If you stay in one place you will see everyone in the darkroom […] More

Declare interest

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Nobody really uses the hanky code anymore, so you have to do it with body language. That means you must think about how you stand, make eye contact, and smile. If you are top, make it obvious. Stand with presence or get your dick out, stroke it hard and show the subs what they’re in […] More

Don’t assume BB

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Ten years ago, everyone’s default was to rubber up and be safe. If a guy asked you to fuck him, you reached for the condoms and lube. After the almost universal adoption of PrEP (some figures indicate more than 85 percent of casual sex players take the pill whether poz or neg), most now want […] More

Mister Evidence Leatherman 2020

Submitted to: Mr Evidence Leathermen

Damien is 30 years old originally from the South-West of France living in Aix-en-Provence for 3 years now. He has crossed France through several regions since he was 18 years old. “I like to discover Europe and sharpen my curiosity. I discovered an attraction to the world and the fetish environment at that time with […] More

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