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The fastest area of growth in the leather fetish world is now in the market of faux or vegan leather. Obviously leathermen are an intelligent and forward-thinking bunch and we are all animal lovers so of course have had to wrestle with the dilemma that our favourite gear to wear and be seen in is […] More

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Have sex

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

Everybody is in there for one thing – endless anonymous gay sex on repeat. Go for it. Set yourself a target to play with someone or suck a dick every 15 minutes. And adapt your standards and interests. In our experience, most ‘average’ guys are much, much better sex than many muscle gods who think […] More

Clean that booty

Submitted to: The dos and don’ts of darkrooms

If you are a bottom then prepare (or ‘dress for dinner’ as douching is known as in polite ‘Downton Abbey-esque’ circles). Bottom porn stars begin planning their food intake two days prior to being deep drilled by Jay Red or Tim Kruger. They have specific douching routines which they have built up over time and […] More

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