Our fetish sports guys & admirers are always arguing what is the sexiest sport with the hottest men and therefore gear to wear and fuck or get fucked in. Some like cycling, others go for soccer and there are many who get off on wrestling, swimming, boxing, horsey guys and most definitely Baseball and American […] More

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How to win (or lose) a fetish title contest

“I’m in competition with myself and I’m losing.”—Roger Waters Almost everyone who runs in a leather contest wants to win. Sure, different men have different reasons, some not so lofty–I was once told by someone that he wanted to win so he could go to the front of the line at the local leather bars–and […] More

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THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SOLOSEXUAL ADVOCATE JASON ARMSTRONG by PAUL MORRIS Are you a Gooner? Is Bating your thing or do you just want to find out more about it? . Jason Armstong has written Three well received books on the subject and One of his biggest fans is gay porn legend PAUL MORRIS Award […] More

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