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Meet Master Giacon

Do many of your clients want to be fucked?

Yes, a lot of them ask me to fuck them. Usually I fuck them with a strap-on. I also have a lot of dildos and a good choice of different fucking machines. If someone just asks to be fucked, I will say no. I need a BDSM relationship to enjoy sex with men.

I do fuck my slaves with my dick, but first I have to create a good connection. I don’t like sex without feelings. 

Sexually, what really turns you on personally? And do you have any limits?

The most attractive thing for me is a connection with the person. It’s not important what we do. But for me, it’s very important ‘how’ we will do it together.

My limits? I decided I don’t want drugs in my sessions. That’s because drugs make you feel that you have a connection and that you are in empathy with the person/people you play with. This is the reason why a lot of people can’t have fun without them. I don’t want to sell illusions or fake emotions.

Bareback is not a limit, but I can do it only with people I trust a lot. My health is very important to me!

Your play space is very atmospheric, and in a wonderful building. Can you tell our readers about the villa and how you have adapted it to fulfil the fantasies of subs?

When I saw this villa, I immediately fell in love with the shape of the house and the surrounding energy.

It was completely empty, and I started thinking how to create my home and my playroom in synergy with the place. Some friends helped me with suggestions, and we worked hard to create the perfect place for living and playing. The atmosphere is unique. You can perceive my passion from inside the building.

And I consider that my slaves are coming into my home. It is not a working place. This is important to me. The villa is part of my being and I love to share it. 

Do you have any issues getting your gear through airport security when you travel?

I usually put my clothes in my carry-on luggage and my sex toys and fetish wear in the hold baggage. I went to Berlin for Folsom once and I bought a lot of new things. I put them in my carry-on as the hold baggage was completely full. At one of the checkpoints in the airport, a security girl stopped me and opened my baggage…

She took all my stuff out (dildos, latex dress, leather, and more). Looking directly into my eyes she said: ‘You were a special guest here in Berlin, come back soon’.

Are you in a relationship and how does your work affect that?

I have two girlfriends at the moment. My work isn’t a problem, and they meet my slaves. There is some jealousy between my personal slaves and my girls, but I’m clear with all of them. I think it can be a way to grow personally for them. I know what I want, and I don’t fear to reach it. I have opted for a polygamous way of love in my job and in my private life as well.

Who would be your dream client, and what would be your fantasy request they could ask for?

I love people who give without asking. Money slavery is one of the most extreme practices, I think. There’s a lot of negative thinking about it. Some people say it isn’t BDSM, but I think they speak with a limited mind that they need to open. And I’m a good (mind) opener.

A slave who works for hours and spends their life paying their master is beautiful and romantic. They are giving their time and life to the master, making him happier and freer. It is the supreme expression of submission!

What can our readers find on your OnlyFans site?

I have just opened a second OnlyFans page. The first one is cheaper and mainly includes soft content with pictures and short clips. The new one is more expensive, but it has longer and more extreme videos, and special live sessions.

You can find a lot of videos with different slaves and featuring different BDSM practices. There are old slaves and young boys who share their bodies to feel emotion and pleasure. I also make videos of myself fucking with my girlfriends or my slaves.

How can fans and potential subs follow or contact you?

All my contact details are available on my website: Potential subs can send a message directly to me on my WhatsApp number, or call me. I am looking forward to meeting new people and sharing my passion with them. •


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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