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Meet Master Giacon

There are masters, doms, dom escorts, and master escorts everywhere. Many of these guys are accountants or real estate salesmen, licking the boss’s ass in the day, and then putting on an act that they are the ultimate alpha male by night. Then there are the real masters in our gay fetish world. Those that live the lifestyle 100-percent of the time. It’s in their veins and the way they are wired.

Master Giacon is right at the top of the Master pyramid. He has an endless amount of gear and toys – and he knows how to use them to make your wildest fantasies come true… Domination is his life, and the reason he exists. He works from an incredible villa in Bologna which has been converted to one of the best play spaces on the planet. But he also plies his elite trade on the world’s luckiest slaves, subs, and beginners – both male and female.

Master Giacon shared his beliefs and ideals with Paul Stag for this exclusive Alphatribe domination interview. He is the real deal and the only guy nastier than the Alphatribe editor (who is a total fucking bastard) with a bullwhip.

Who is Master Giacon?

First of all, I am a person. This is why my stage name also includes my real surname, ‘Giacon’.

G.G. Marquez once said: ‘All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.’ I have merged them into one.

My family and all my friends know about my life, my job, and my passion. I don’t need to lie to anybody. I’m Alessandro, and I decided to follow my moral interests, even though they are not conventional.

How did you find your sexual role as a dominant?

When I was a child, I had a lot of extreme fantasies. The first I remember was about being raped.

The first memory I have about BDSM is when I was 10-years old, watching a movie. The main character dated a beautiful girl. He was tied-up on a chair in front of a beautiful staircase in an old Italian villa, scratched by fingernails, and hit with a flogger. I loved that moment and I started to search the internet for some information about it. I found a lot of course!

I subscribed to a forum and started reading and studying, watching BDSM porno, and having my first experiences with boys and girls. I went to my first BDSM event in Italy where I met people and practised with them. I have learnt a lot at events, playing with experienced people.

Then I moved onto the international scene. I went to some international conferences about BDSM and I started to create my own personal way of being dominant. When I was 27, I decided to set aside the family business to start my own way, following my passion.

In this way I’ve found a new balance. I stopped drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking drugs. It was no longer necessary to escape from my reality as I love what I do.

Do you have to get into a mindset or character when you are booked for more extreme play, as opposed to your daily routine?

No, I don’t like to act. I love to be myself and I don’t need to prepare anything before starting. The only thing I need is some rest before the meeting, to bring my maximum energy into the session.

My normal daily routine is BDSM and I love the more extreme practices. That’s because the feelings I, and my partner, experience are more intense.

What makes a good master, and what makes a good sub?

I think speaking with empathy is the first thing, it’s very important to speak before a session.

That’s why, before starting to play, I always spend time speaking to my slaves about their fantasies, experiences, and of course their limits. It is essential for me to know what gives the slave sexual excitement and their feelings.

I also speak about my feelings and what I most love in a session. The most sexual excitement I have is when I feel emotions, watching the changes on my slave’s face.

In this way, the submissive part of the experience combines itself with consciousness and reaches the expectations of the dominant.

But there are also cases where I don’t speak about what I want. As a master, I can instruct my slave during the session – what is called ‘slave training’.

Your website is incredible and an eyeopener in itself. It lists over 40 different BDSM practices that will blow our readers’ minds. I want to ask about a few of them. For example, what is the branding service?

I have tried to collect some of the practices I do, but there are a lot more than 40.

‘Branding’ is a way to own someone for a long time – even forever – by marking their skin, and mind. There are different ways to mark someone: with fire, by cutting or whipping, and more. It is an extreme practice and it is very intense. Branding generates a lot of emotions and feelings on both sides.

When I mark someone, I impress my energy and my will into their skin, their body. I make this clearly visible to show ownership and our relationship.

Tell us more about your cum control service?

The cum control practice is very intense and gives me a lot of intense feelings. I love to see the excitement on my sub’s face and to feel their energy when I stop. It can also be very interesting to continue pleasure the sub after they have cum: it’s a pleasure torture!

When you reach the maximum level of pleasure and stop a few times, the intensity of the orgasm increases. The feeling at the point of ejaculation is very intense and extreme.

And the enema service?

An enema is healthy, but it gives a weird pleasure at the same time. The sub is typically restrained in my gynaecological chair and the only option is to follow my instructions. It’s a medical game. I can do it as either a sweet doctor or a sadist.

It’s the best way to begin an anal or fisting session.

Anal douches are unhealthy for your body and can be a problem for a good anal session. Particularly for people with colon sensitivity.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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