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He’s a porn star with added talents: a skilled circus performer, professional tattooist, hit music producer, and a respected artist who often paints nude and jizzes into and onto his paintings… He’s even been known to paint with a brush up his ass. There are average ordinary gay porn stars, and then there is the wonderfully fascinating Jesse Ares. Paul Stag caught up with him for this exclusive Alphatribe interview.

You have been a hugely successful porn star for the last decade, including becoming an exclusive at TitanMen. How did you start?

I started my career in the adult-industry about 10 years ago with TitanMen. I became an exclusive the first time I ever shot porn – with Alessio Romero and Spencer Reed. Since then I’ve worked all over the globe for well-known studios such as Colt, Raging Stallion, Falcon, Naked Sword, Lucas, menatplay, Cazzo, Butch Dixon,, VirtualRealGay, Hardkinks, StagHomme, and uknakedmen. And I’ve done films with and Alter Sin as well as doing live shows. I’ve also promoted my music in a sexual way, singing naked with a hard-on all over the world at party venues. 

What have been the highlights of your career?

My high points have been when I received awards such as the X-biz, Grabbys, or Hotrods – and when my music was in the iTunes charts. My music was also used in several porn productions.

You played Obiwan Kenobi in the gay ‘Starwars’ for How did you find the acting?

I loved doing Starwars at! The costumes, set, and story were all put together well and brilliantly arranged by Alter Sin. Awesome production! I enjoyed playing the role of Obiwan Kenobi as well as performing other ‘secret’ activities in the movie.

You were a fashion model first, how did you get into gay porn?

I grew up as a military brat in a multicultural family. We changed location and school multiple times. I graduated from secondary school in Germany and took up an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, doing hair and make-up. After that I started working as a runway model, and I appeared in print, sports, and TV commercials for Adidas, Puma, and Sony Ericsson. I also did some acting in TV soaps. Many years ago, I was voted one of the five sexiest guys in Germany by the women’s magazine JOLIE.

I decided to step into porn because agencies were often slow with payment. I wasn’t very happy with modelling and the flaky attitude in that industry. I needed another income to finance my life, art, and music.

How has the industry changed over the past decade?

Throughout the decade that I’ve been in porn, adult productions have become more readily available on the internet. The industry has changed a lot regarding payments as well and flying models back and forth from one country to another. Bareback movies have also gained more popularity, which changes and limits filming opportunities for many models. Most recently, social media has given artists the possibility to make money from clips of their sexual encounters and to make them available to almost everyone.

Your modern art is incredible. What motivates your work?

To be honest, I was not a big fan of art at first. It seemed too modern or too abstract. I’ve always wanted to improve my ability to draw, sketch, and paint as realistically and classically as possible. I tried feeding my mind with books about art and anatomy, but I couldn’t really understand or relate to most modern or abstract art.

Living through two hurricanes in Puerto Rico and their terrible aftermath, and the bewildering death of a friend in Europe inspired me to search for meaning. Not religious, but a belief in a higher source. I was searching, looking for help, and wanting to help. I tried to collect money on social media by selling portraits and several classic paintings inspired by a modern spiritual question or thought.

People liked the work, but it never resulted in the outcome that I wanted. I felt lost and confused, sad, and extremely angry with everything. I needed to relieve all the pain and anger inside.

With my music, I’d done all kinds of singing lessons, numerous recordings, and many annoying castings, but my music didn’t get attention. That was until I decided to say: “Fuck it!! Then I’ll do it with porn!” And it started to work, my music got attention!

So I decided to do something similar with my art and make a little bit of money with a provocative clip on regular and paid social media. This time I did it the modern and abstract way. I could never relate to that before, but it allowed me to blow-off steam and release my anger and sadness. And it got attention again!!!

Why not paint with a brush up your ass, do nude somersaults with paint, and jerk-off onto your paint palette and use the results in your work?

What are some of the things you have tried which worked – and which didn’t work?

I guess my modern art clip turned out to be a bit of an acrobatic number because I used to have dance and circus classes. To a certain extent I am flexible. I can juggle, play with the diabolo (a juggling or circus prop), unicycle, tightrope walk on a slack line, and dance with pois (tethered weights which are swung in a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns).

Later in life, I started doing some of these things with fire. I still do it as a hobby including fire spitting and swallowing.

Once, I was curious about mixing paint with the pyro-liquid to see what spitting fire and paint on a canvas would look like and what pattern it might create. It didn’t work out… I just set everything on fire and had a hard time putting it out.

Where do you get your inspiration from and what art do you like yourself?

I am very spiritual and believe inspiration comes from a higher force. I get my inspiration from things that happen in life and put me in a strong emotional state – whether that is love, anger, joy, pain, or other feelings. I wanna express that in whatever form of art.

I like all types of art based on ability. Art that has strong expression, use, meaning, or a positive and interesting message for others. I love Greek mythology, classic stuff, wings, angels, and the beauty of bodies, faces, and other spiritual things.

One of your other big interests is tattoos. Do you have a favourite on yourself or on a celebrity?

My favourite tattoo on myself is the first one I ever got, a lion with wings.

As for celebrity tattoos, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has a Polynesian tribal tattoo that suits him incredibly well.

You like providing tattoo services to other guys. How easy was it to learn and what is popular nowadays?

I learned tattooing when I lived in Berlin for a while. I learned home in cooperation with a tattoo studio that taught me the basics and checked my progress. You start by practising on oranges before moving to fake skin sheets, so you get the feeling for it. You then graduate to freshening-up tattoos on friends until you learn how to line and shade. It takes up to a year until you can do more complex things on your own. And of course, you never stop learning.

A very popular style of tattoo nowadays is ‘dia de los muertos’ or Day of the Dead sugar skulls!

What is the most painful part of the body you have tattooed?

The side of your torso is one area that is extremely painful to get tattooed! I did that once on a guy from Palestine who wanted the Hebrew word for peace tattooed there. I found it an extremely beautiful idea for a tattoo!

As a hugely creative guy, what is next for Jessy Ares?

This year, I’ve released a new cover-version of George Michael’s song ‘Faith’ which is available on iTunes. Now I am in the USA shooting a new porn movie with one of my favourite producers, Marc MacNamera (nastyboyproductions) for Naked Sword. For the past few years, I’ve only done new porn on rare occasions.

Today I’m mainly trying to focus on finding sponsors and getting new tattoo and art projects going in the US, Europe, and Puerto Rico. We’re still struggling to recover and repair our place from the immense damage of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico. I also work behind the bar a bit (gaybar/Circo), do promotional jobs, as well as hair and make-up for friends. I also help my partner with his well-known landscaping company ‘Green Spot’ from time to time.

Where can your fans and potential clients follow you online, get more information, or get in touch with you?

I would be very happy if people, sponsors, musicians, producers, and possible clients for my tattoo and art work could contact me via email at You can also look at my stuff and follow me on twitter (@AresJessy).
I am also on Instagram (@realjessyares) and Facebook (JessyAresTattoos) but I’m not so active on these platforms. There’s just too much social media these days and I don’t have the time to be doing that all day!!!


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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