The number one gay fetish pin company whose products you can find everywhere like Mr S, Clone Zone, Mister B, Tom Of Finland, Mannhaus, MR. Riegillio etc is now expanding into our favourite world of jock straps. PAUL STAG spoke to the ‘Master’s of The Pin World’ Nick & Friso about why fetish men just love to accessorise. 

How did Master Of The House come into being?
Early 2000’s we met and that grew into a close friendship, chosen family if you will. We have great respect for each other’s aesthetic and points of view.  We found common ground in our exploration of the meaning of masculinity, sexuality and queer-culture.It all started from a desire to express our admiration for the world of fetish and kink. The first idea was to transform provocative images into a thing of beauty, leaning towards a more clean and stylish aesthetic.
To us these are not just Pins or TieClips, they are wearable pieces of art that balance the provocative with the beautiful and sensual. In doing so, chipping away the stigma that exists about fetish. 

What are the pins and tags made off?
All pins and tie clips are made of a zinc alloy which is then submerged into a brass or silver bath. The black enamel is added afterwards and then mattend. Each pin design is produced in a limited edition and laser engraved with a unique serial number and the brand’s name.Our tags are a different story. Forged from the fires of doom… they are made from a premium grade stainless steel. 

Do you get any strange requests for pins and tags?
Haha, plenty, some more graphic than others. However, we never take the input literally, we draw inspiration from it.  As a result, the pin ‘Fist’ was launched this year. In general, we strive to find that balance of pushing the limit and keeping it tasteful. 

You have collaborations with some of the biggest fetish companies around like Mr S Leather, Tom Of Finland and Mister B, what other brands would you love to work with post lockdown? 
To reach more people and get full exposure we could definitely consider a collaboration with H&M.One of the motives of the brand is creating more visibility and acceptance of the fetish scene, by designing products that can be worn at fetish parties and in daily life when you aren’t in full gear.Wearing a symbol, a reminder of your kinks and making that visible to the outside world in a subtle manner. What we initially didn’t realise, but what has happened is that our products have become a tool to communicate your desires as hanky codes did. 

Your puppy items seem to be hugely popular, why do puppies like pins and accessorizing so much?
Many pups will strive to visualize their pup-identity in and out of gear. Our products give them more options to do so.The huge response we get from the pup community, inspires us to come up with more designs each time. It’s a large growing loyal group that has embraced the brand. 

You have T-shirts, polo shirts etc and now we have Master Of The House Jocks?
The newest addition to the collection is our take on the classic jockstrap, which is widely regarded as a staple for anyone’s gear collection. The jock features a thinner ‘swimmers’ waistband, a comfortable knitted pouch and branding on the strap.The label attached to the front of the waistband states; Control, Trust & Pleasure.  A reference to three important terms that come with exploring your kinky side and playing around with the concepts of being in control or handing it over to your partner.The jock is available in a classic black and a white edition. 

Which famous stars would you most like to see in a Master Of The House jockstrap with a ‘Master’ pin on and a ‘Bondage’ pin on?
We like to see anyone wear our jocks and pins. Not necessarily in combination with each other.It would be amazing if trailblazers like Billy Porter, Lil Nas, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson would wear our products. 
What are you coming up with for the horny lockdown kinksters that are emerging back out onto the scene with huge excitement for the second half of this year?
We have new pin/tie clip designs coming up, an update on our polo, to launch this summer and more wearable metals.For us Master of the House as a business is evolving into a brand that will extend with a wider range of products that follow our philosophy. Our design aesthetic can be applied to all facets of the market, ranging from clothing to home decor. We have a lot of ideas that will be introduced in the future. 

What is the likelihood of there ever being a Alphatribe pin and dog tag?
We are totally up for a collaboration. Previous collaborations have proven very successful, it’s a real pleasure when we get to work with other creatives. Maybe something special to launch at Darklands May 2022? 

What are your TOP 5 most popular items?
5 Polo’s
4 Dog tag Master
3 Tie clip Master
2 Master pins
1 Puppy pins 

How do our readers find out more about Master Of The House and follow you on social media?
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @masterofthehousedesign
You can also find us at the vendor market of Darklands 2022.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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