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Marquis De Sade

The infamous Marquis de Sade, some of whose memorabilia can be found in our Leather Archive And Museum in Chicago, lived between 1740-1814. The French nobleman, activist and writer became infamous for his numerous sexual crimes and abuse, many involving torture against young men, women and children. He claimed to be a proponent of absolute freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion or law and it is from his name we of course get the terms sadism and sadist.

He spent about 31 years in various prisons for his sexual deviancies including a decade in the Bastille. He was transferred just 10 days before the storming Of The Bastille in the French Revolution… Where was all the S&M and ass buggery in Les Miserables, Mr Hugh Jackman? He had a sexual relationship with his wife’s sister and numerous employees/servants, especially male, in his castle Lacoste – including stable boys and gardeners and it was anything but straight ass sex as he was into pain big time.
He first came to the attention of the authorities when he restrained and whipped a beggar turned castle employee and then poured hot wax into the open wounds. Then 4 years later he had an anal sex orgy (which was then illegal) with 4 prostitutes and his manservant. The two men then fled the country. He secretly returned but could not keep his cock in his pants, so set about the entire male and female staff again climaxing in imprisoning 6 children of both sexes, which he of course dicked and had S&M sex with… He fled again. He carried on this cycle of kinky and illegal sex with anything with a hole, imprisonment, escape or release whilst he did his now famous writing.
He is most known for 120 Days of Sodom, Juliette, Philosophy In The Bedroom and Justine. He wrote Sodom in fact entirely on prison toilet paper and he was arrested on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte for the sick writings in Juliette and Justine. He became destitute but his urges never went away and he finished his life with a 4 year relationship with a 14year old as some dirty old fukkas who just don’t learn.

His legend continued as both a hero, modernist with revolutionary insight and a disgusting human being as both a proven serial rapist and pedophile. Sexual sadism disorder, a mental condition named after Sade, soon came to be defined as experiencing sexual arousal in response to extreme pain, suffering or humiliation done non-consensually to others as described endlessly in his novels.
In Philosophy in the Bedroom, Sade proposed the use of induced abortion for social reasons and population control, marking the first time the subject had been discussed in public, which is why many argue he was a forward thinker. It has been suggested that Sade’s writing influenced the subsequent medical and social acceptance of abortion in Western society.
Over the centuries his name has come to represent everything sick and twisted sexually that goes on in your local dark room, leather bar and sex dungeon and there are a Million pop culture references to him from Friday The 13th to the 1969 ‘Sade’ movie to court cases including being sited as defence in the Moor’s Murders, where the male and female serial killers taped the screams of the children they were torturing and killing.

We get the term Masochism from Leopold Von Sacha-Masoch who at his time was an Austrian nobleman, writer, journalist and pervert who lived after the marquis de Sade from 1836-95 and is much less well known today.
His big thing was he liked dominant women and especially if they wore furs. Against her will he made his first wife carry on like this as well as other acts from his books but he got bored so had other wives and many mistresses. He is most famous for his work ‘Venus In Furs’. The inspiration from this came from his wank bank but in particular one of his mistresses, the aptly titled Fany Pistor where he signed a contract making him her slave for a period of six months, with the stipulation that she wear furs as often as possible, especially when she was in a cruel mood – what we might now call an average attendee of Bear Week or Provincetown visitor… Sacher-Masoch took the alias of “Gregor”, a stereotypical male servant’s name, and assumed a disguise as her servant on travels in Italy where they awere not known similar to the plot of the book.
Interestingly he was the great great uncle of the well known pop singer and actress Marianne Faithful.

The word Masochism was given to the type of play he was known for – and as we know of today, against his will – by the psychiatrist Richard Krafft-Ebbing in his lifetime and it stuck.

As the two acts of sadism and masochism are usually involved in the same fetish sex acts through the 20th Century, they became intertwined and are now inseparable from each other as the giving or receiving of pleasure from acts involving the receipt or infliction of pain or humiliation with or without consent and the terms are officially recognised in law.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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