Manfred “Lohengrin” Stavenhagen receives LFC Award 2021

As part of the street festival on the occasion of Folsom Europe in Berlin, the LFC Leather & Fetish Community e.V. on September 11th, 2021, presented Manfred “Lohengrin” Stavenhagen with the honorary prize LFC AWARD FOR DIVERSITY AND RESPECT in recognition of his life’s work.

Manfred is one of the veterans of the organized Lederszene, which over the years developed into a fetish community. He had early contact with the American leather world and what he experienced in the USA prompted him to establish an organized trailblazing leather scene in Germany as well. On his initiative, today’s MLC Münchner Löwen Club was founded in 1974. The founding of the MSC Berlin in the same year also goes back to him. He is still a valued member of the MLC today. The club therefore did not miss the opportunity to sent some members to Berlin to participate in the award ceremony as unfortunately, the MSC Berlin no longer exists.

A milestone in his work was certainly that in 1976 he succeeded in bringing the annual meeting of the newly founded ECMC European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs to Germany and Munich. The ECMC is the European umbrella organization of the leather and fetish community and was founded in 1974.

It is thanks to his commitment that an organized leather and fetish community has established itself in Germany. He is one of the few active contemporary witnesses and he is still an active member of the community and a welcome guest at all fetish events.Lohengrin was the owner of the famous leather bar in Munich with the same name in the early 80s which is an important part of European gay fetish folklore and history. The name itself comes from his love of classical music and his appearances on stage at the “Theater am Gärtnerplatz” in Munich.After he moved to Berlin, he started with his wonderful gay guided history tours during the big leather events such as Folsom and Leather Week at Easter.After a stroke, we are happy to report that he now again is able to start again with his informative & fun tours which you can join next time you are in the City.

The honoring of Manfred was originally planned for Easter 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, the award ceremony had to be postponed several times.

The LFC Leather & Fetish Community e.V. is the umbrella organization of the German-speaking leather and fetish associations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There are currently 15 clubs active in the LFC. The clubs represent about 1,400 individual members. The LFC emerged from the “SKVdC – Permanent Conference of Representatives of German-speaking Clubs” founded in 1979. This very bulky name lasted until the year 2000. Then it was renamed LFC.

The goals of the umbrella organization are to protect the interests of the outside world, to inform each other and to promote cooperation between the clubs. In addition, the LFC fights against dis-crimination in general and against discrimination against the fetish community in particular, as recently at the CSD Bremen situation over ‘banning fetish people from their parade’. Another focus of the work is the prevention of HIV. The campaign “FETISH IS LIMITLESS” is particularly active in Germany and within the group.

In 2014, the LFC Award for Diversity and Respect was launched. The LFC gives this discretionary award to deserving personalities from the ranks of the clubs, the fetish and motorcycle scene or public life as an honorary prize for their life’s work or their commitment to the fetish community. The Delegates’ Assembly decides on the award on the proposal of the spokesperson, the board, or a member association.

The first winner in 2018 was Laura Halding-Hoppenheit. Laura received the award in recognition of her services to the Stuttgart community and as a thank you for her nationwide commitment as a gay and AIDS activist.

The award is non-endowed and is presented at irregular intervals.

Everyone at Alphatribe magazine together with the German/Austrian/Swiss Fetish scene and the wider International kinkster family humbly congratulate Manfred “Lohengrin” Stavenhagen on his much deserved award.


Written by Dirk Gaede

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