Lockdown pleasure pointers!

Guest Author: Team Esmale

The last few months have been rather difficult, there has been plenty of sadness and we can’t even leave the house and enjoy ourselves!

The restrictions are slowly being lifted but having intimate fun with buddies or strangers still seems a long way off. With this being the case, I wanted to share some of the hottest adult fun stuff to do indoors. I am in the great position to work for, one of the biggest online gay lifestyle stores and have access to a massive variety of the hottest gay sex toys and the sexiest fashion and fetish gear.

To give you all the tools to go through social isolation with a big smile on your face I have set out some of the hottest ways I have enjoyed at least parts of the lockdown.

Pleasure yourself!

We know that a good wank can be great and is sometimes simply essential. Being stuck in the house has resulted to an increase in guys getting it on during cam sessions and for me – a re-connection to many porn sites that had disappeared from my mind ever since Grindr and Recon became my go to apps for filth and fun! Another re-connection made was with my favourite Fleshjack, it is getting more use than ever before. New to me was the Fleshjack shower mount. Stick it on a smooth service, attach your masturbator and off go you for some hands-free humping. You can control the suction on the base of the Fleshjack, screw it tight for some serious suction, hallelujah.

Talking about a hand-free orgasms….oh my days…The Jett from Hot Octopuss, I am not joking when I say it was one of the most intense orgasms ever! It has a huge amount of super strong vibrations that rocket through the shaft of the penis, this will no doubt satisfy you.

Test yourself and your limits!

Home along and nothing but time, perfect timing to explore what your body is into? For me testing to what measure I enjoy anal sex has been a great past-time. I have played with a variety of anal toys to see how much I can stuff myself. I have also been hoping to find my P-spot (male prostate hot spot) and lucky for me it did, it was kinda amazing. I found it whilst using a prostate massager and was still shaking minute later…loved it!

As far as me becoming the biggest bottom, that is not going to happen. I am not nearly as capable “to take it” as much as I thought I would be, even with the use of Poppers UK.

A bit more exploring led me to sounding. I have been fascinated by this but never really knew what it would do. I was also concerned it would be painful. To be honest, the first time did feel a bit weird, but it was a “nice weird”. Somewhere balanced between pain and pleasure. I would suggest you start with a small sound and take it easy.

So whatever desires or fetish you have lurking in the back of your mind, go and explore!

Get the world to see your best bits.

I have never been the kind of guy that would go to a club or a play party in my jockstrap or a thong, but during lock down I have started to be a bit braver by sharing some more revealing images of myself on Instagram. It has built my confidence a little and I even managed a short dance on TikTok whilst wearing my favourite ES-collection jockstrap. It has become a bit addictive to be honest. I especially enjoy commenting on the reactions I got and ended up feeling more connected whilst in lockdown. Mind you, not all comments were positive, but I guess you cannot win them all.

Hopefully some of these ideas will spur you on to have some great adult fun whilst you can’t have contact yet. I am sure as soon as the restriction are over, and we can go out again, we will all be gagging for some real flesh.

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Enjoy your lockdown!

Oliver, part Team esmale!


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