Les Tasses – Public toilets, private affairs

Up to 3 October you can visit the free exhibition ‘Les Tases’ by Marc Martin in Lavallée Brussels. The exhibition was previously to be seen in Berlin and Paris. Alphatribe talks with Marc Martin.

Marc Martin
In the fetish world, people already know his work because it features extreme practices. He turns the spotlight onto the darker zones of erotic play, and confront our notions of beauty and repulsion, of good and bad taste. From Paris to Berlin, Marc has heard that his dirty art “man-smells” and he likes it like this!

Les Tasses
The exhibition « LES TASSES – PUBLIC TOILETS, PRIVATE AFFAIRS » pays tribute to vintage cruising around urinals. Because it always had a bad reputation – even from the LGBTQ+ community. For some years now, Marc has been exploring the history and the stories of public toilets. They are more synonymous with shame than pride within the community. Yet these dirty places offered a freedom. These places of passage and atypical sociability saw social classes fade, cultures mix. It has often been criticized that men who frequent  the”pissotières” are cowardly, described as sordid. But have not they dared, in an environment hostile to diversity, to brave the forbidden? Have they not, for more than a century, dared to face pleasures forbidden by law? It would be great for us to recognise these men’s certain courage. 

The show is running until 3 October in LaVallée-Brussels-Molenbeek. Inside a fabulous, a former industrial building transformed into a space for alternative contemporary art. Worth to see :

Attending is free and possible from Tuesday to Sunday, 12h30/19h30. Night hours on Saturday, Sunday. My multi-media exhibition presents photos, videos, texts, drawings… It is translated into 3 languages (FR/EN/NL). There are also guests: works by Ralf König, Ton of Holland, Rudi Bleys… There is also a catalogue of the exhibition, available online: 

If you miss the exhibition in Brussels, Marc will be showcasing “Public Toilets, Private Affairs” in his first solo show in New York at the Leslie Lohman Museum Project Space.  It has been postponed because of the Coronavirus. Keep fingers crossed we’ll have soon good news about it. On Saturday 26th, the Brussels PrideFestival organises its closing party at LaVallée. Please join us. And don’t forget your mask. Dogs allowed. See you soon.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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