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Guest Author: Moto

Hello, bork, wruff or whatever you use to greet your pup friends! It’s me Moto, the weird blue doggo. I’ve now been doing Puppy Play and Dog Training for two years, and along the way, I’ve had a lot of people reaching out to me because they were interested in this fetish but had no idea on how to tackle it. Seeing all these pups on Instagram doing just as many different things can make this fetish very confusing. So if you are interested in the pup community, please stick with me and I will try to help you the best I can. (because I’m what? A certified good boy.)

The main thing people need to understand about the pup fetish, and petplay in general, is that there is no book of rules (dogs can’t read, silly), however you will often see people orbit around three main aspects of this fetish : Puppy play, dog play and dogtraining. These are the three aspects of the pup fetish I will try to explain to you today, and hopefully one of them will tickle your fancy !

Puppy Play is the act of getting into your pup headspace and acting like a young dog. Puppies will usually need a trigger to get into this headspace, whether it’s in the form of words, like a “good boy” from someone, actions like scratches behind the ears (which drive me completely crazy by the way), or as I’ll say in the next question, putting on your gear if you need it. Puppies are all about that mental state. The pup headspace is a way for pups to completely let go of their inhibitions, the burden of their human lives, and take on a different identity as their pup self. For instance, you will see really shy, introvert people completely come to life when they go in their headspace. It can sometimes be compared to some kind of drag experience, because of that idea of taking on a whole new identity. Pups are often considered to be playful, energetic, and quite the attention whores. Come on let’s be honest here.  

Dog Play, in opposition with Puppy Play, is when a human acts like a dog, but while keeping the thoughts of a human. You don’t get yourself lost in the headspace like puppies would. Of course both are still very close to each other and can overlap quite easily, but the main difference between the two you have to remember is in the mental state of the person. Usually puppy play and dog play don’t involve humiliation, although it can be present as an extensive part of your kink. I often feel like this aspect of the fetish is not as known as the two others, because some people might reduce the pup fetish as just a social or sexual thing, but it’s really important to make a difference between pups, who actually go into a dog state of mind through their headspace, and humans with human thoughts acting like dogs. 

Dog Training is the act of taking a submissive person and forcing that person to act like a dog. It is much closer to BDSM than the two others, especially if you link it to slaves, since there can be a big notion of humiliation in it. Do you like a strong dominant figure to make you drink and eat in a dog bowl? To hold you in a leash and treat you as his property? If you do (and trust me I do too), Dog Training is made for you. I would add that Dog Training isn’t necesseraly completely cut off from the two others aspects I talked about earlier, especially on the social aspect of the fetish. I do enjoy being leashed by a master at fetish events, staying by his side at all times while he’s putting me on display for everyone to see. (remember when I told you about attention whores? exactly.) 

There you go! I know I didn’t talk about requested subjects like the importance of gear in the pup fetish(spoiler, gear is not that important), but I do hope one of these descriptions will trigger something in you, and that I will see you at pup event in a near future. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for walkies, and I love walkies.


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