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The more steroids I take the unhappier I seem to become. Other guys seem to always be bigger, fitter and more healthy looking than me, should I consider bigger doses, tighter cycles or stacking?

As gay men, our relationship with our bodies often proves to be an uncomfortable topic. As a gay therapist that specialises in body image issues, my work has shown me how painful looking into a mirror can be for some men, even for those with beautiful and muscular bodies. My most unhappy clients have usually been the most attractive and most financially successful. Success, as it is often defined, is something that we should be more cautious about pursuing.

Steroids are often believed to be a quick fix for a better body. This unfortunately, is not true and steroid misuse is clinically proven to cause many serious health issues. What men who abuse steroids don’t understand are why feel driven to continue to use steroids even when they know the health risks. The root cause of steroid abuse is a misunderstanding of the emotional and psychological processes that take place inside the mind.

Men who abuse steroids usually feel inadequate, feel as if they have a lack of control or power in their lives, or wish to protect themselves from pain. Steroid abusers focus on building up their muscular bodies as a method of defending themselves against uncomfortable feelings that take place inside. Their hope is: “the bigger or more cut I get, the better I will feel.” Unfortunately, this does not prove to be effective because they still practice beliefs that produce the very feelings the seek freedom from via their steroid abuse.

I help men daily, confront, break down and stop the beliefs that cause their emotional pain. Men can learn to make their minds work for them, as opposed to against them. The result is having a healthy mindset that allows men to overcome the mental blocks that prevent them from reaching their physical and mental potential.

Muscle man injecting steroids into his arm using a syringe

I have been taking steroids for years and I now worry about my health. I wonder if I am addicted to taking steroids?

Steroid abuse is a serious issue in the gay community. Often not discussed nearly enough, is why we choose to risk our health in order to achieve a body that looks good on the outside but is unhealthy on the inside. In my clinical experience, I have seen cases where steroid use has become psychologically addictive. The men I have seen are very afraid of stopping their cycles because they are driven by fears of what may happen if they do. Simply put, they fear missing out on something (FOMO). Sadly, their focus is on the wrong goal, their focus on their short-term goals, and not long-term goals.

Men who use steroids need to embrace the healthy fear of not having good health later in life, as opposed to not looking perfect for the next WE Party or orgy. There is an excellent chance that men addicted to steroids will one day be old, and many who have abused steroids for years will struggle with health complications that could have been avoided. For example, years ago I worked with a body builder was using steroids to help his sexual confidence. He was huge and looked great, but his steroid use ruined his kidneys. He had to go on medication to lower his blood pressure to prevent his

kidneys from failing. This resulted in him not being able to have any erections. The irony is that the steroids that made him sexually attractive to many men ruined his ability to be sexual or confident.

If you feel that you are doing something that is unhealthy, you should consider speaking to a professional. You could speak about your concerns and consider other options available to you. Many men I work with, can maintain a large about of muscle mass and low body fat percentage without the use of steroids. I teach my clients how to free themselves from their subconscious fears and this allows them to achieve true confidence, empowerment and sex appeal.


Written by Justin Duwe

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