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Dominic Ford, the top man at JustFor.Fans spoke exclusively to Paul Stag for Alphatribe. Ford is keen to reach our readers and encourage them to make your own fun, horny, twisted, fetish content. He is one of the nicest guys in the industry, so feel free to reach out to him with any questions – just mention Alphatribe sent you!

What is the general idea behind fan sites such as JustFor.Fans?

JustFor.Fans is a community of sex workers and their fans. We are trying to build both a platform, and a real community of people who support each other and want to see others succeed. Fans can follow the feeds of one or more models, buy video downloads, purchase items like clothing, and even text models and exchange private photos and videos. It’s a communication platform that allows models to monetise their communications with fans, and earn a safe, recurring income.

How did a successful adult-studio owner become the leading figure in the gay fan site world?

Having owned a ‘glossy’ porn studio for 11 years, I have always been aware that amateur content is an entirely different market. When the fan platform space started, I saw the opportunity, and how poorly executed it was on existing platforms. I knew I could do it better and I am very excited that models and fans alike have responded so positively to the platform.

When I was a studio owner, the striking thing for me was that the business model made it impossible to give residuals to models. For example, when members join a studio site, they don’t buy an individual movie. It’s impossible to determine how much residual income should go to one model who is in two scenes out of the 2,000 on the site.

It was always my dream to find a solution to this problem, but I couldn’t find a way to make it work in the studio scene. With the JustFor.Fans model, it’s rather straightforward. Models can have regular pay cheques, something people in mainstream jobs are used to. The difference this makes to a model’s life is incalculable.

You launched on Valentine’s Day 2018 but there were already other fan sites available. What makes JustFor.Fans different?

For one thing, our site works, and it is fast. Our major competitors have so many technical issues that people really hate using them. But until we came along, there weren’t viable options available. We have taken five or six business scenarios and put them under one roof. So if a model wants to make money by selling subscriptions and selling clip downloads, they can do both with our site. They don’t have to upload their content onto two sites and learn how to use (and market) them. And we really thought about what models want and made sure our site catered to those needs. For example, a model can upload his scene and ‘share’ it with his scene partner on the site, enabling the scene partner to post it as well. Something as simple as that makes a world of difference. Now models don’t need to figure out how to get the footage to each other and upload it. And we don’t stop. Our main competitor didn’t update their site in over a year. At JustFor.Fans it’s rare that a week goes by without some new feature being implemented.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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