The award winning superstar porn model John Thomas talks about why he fucking loves to sound his incredible cock.

John Thomas is one of the most successful porn stars of the last couple of years. Originally a TimTales exclusive this Brit was put to the largest cocks in Spain and surrounding territories including taking the legendary Tim Kuger girthed beast raw more than once. He won one of the biggest porn awards last in 2019 as Newcomer of the year and now he has expended to work for every studio going and is increasingly working across North America. He loves to punish his incredible cock with huge sounding tools which you can see and jerk off too on his JustForFans page JohnThomasXXX so he was the ideal guy for PAUL STAG to speak to find out why Sounding is so damn horny and fucked up.

“I love sounding. I first starting experimenting with putting things in my dick when I was starting puberty (but I don’t recommend using anything not designed to go down there!) I bought my first sounding kit probably about 6 years ago. They were a set of six Hegar sounds (mostly straight but with a very slight curve) ranging in diameter from 6mm to 11mm – I thought I’d have to spend a lot of time working my way up, but in my first play session was able to progress smoothly to the largest sound! I’d been advised on the importance of hygiene and making sure the sounds are sterile. The other really helpful tip I was given was to allow gravity to do the work, rather than pushing the sound in. And I really agree with this! However as I got used to these sounds I started to fuck myself with them. “

“About a year ago I bought my second set of sounds. These are Van Buren and are much longer, and have a large curve (almost like a hook). These are sized 18-32 (which I guess is the French Urological sizing). They take more care to insert as a result of their shape, but once in I love the feeling of being solidly penetrated by metal deep inside me. They then hold your dick in place, making for a great masturbation experience, wanking your cock up and down the metal shaft. I think these sounds are great, but definitely not for a beginner. “

“Other sounds I’ve experimented with are a hollow sound with ball texture – this is a very different sensation to a smooth sound, and I found the sensation pretty extreme. I’ve also used vibrating silicone sounds. These were really cool! I ended up with two stuffed down my cock at once, both tickling the inside of my dick in different rhythms.”

“I thinking the reason sounding turns me on so much, is that as, a pretty submissive bottom, I love the idea of turning my dick into another hole that can be penetrated. If the thought of that turns you on, then you should definitely try it.”


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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