….and this is a huge AT EXCLUSIVE as Gay Porn awards go global.

Following our previous feature on Gay Fetish Awards we now turn to the horny World of our Gay Fetish Porn Stars and the News here is the biggest in Gay adult industry Awards ever as Awards now go global.

EXCLUSIVE -The Hosts of the 2021 GRABBY EUROPEAN GAY PORN AWARDS we are the first to reveal anywhere in the World are International phenomena Crystal Lubrikunt and LoUis CYfer together with AT’s very own head of our Pupdate section and all the Worlds fetish puppy news Mr Rob Wilde himself fresh from his Mr Rubber, Mr leather and Mr Puppy hosting duties and with that star studded trio it means that no-one will be safe.

In 2021 for the very first time the biggest European adult industry awards are partnering up with the longest standing, oldest and probably most respected American Awards in unified events hosted from both Manchester, UK and Chicago, USA. and you the fans and public get to have your say NOW. The biggest night of the gay calendar this year is May 29th 2021. In a landmark change for the industry the uber successful former European Prowler Awards are changing their name (and online Prescence) to The GRABBY’s Europe and the equally stablished GRABBY’s America will be adopting the more fan interactive approach to noms and votes used in Europe. We understand that there will be 2 shows one following the other on the night which of course fits with the Manchester/Chicago time differences and in future years two separate live venue fan attended event nights with red carpets within a few days of each other. Probably about 2,000 ticketed fans will get to hang, chat and drink with the biggest stars of their bedroom fantasies for hours on end.

The co-founder of the Prowlers now GRABBY’s EUROPE Benjamin Willis said “It’s a real honour to adopt the Grabby name as our own and to be working so closely with the world’s best-loved gay porn industry awards. Whilst the ceremony this year will be combined and online, we are looking forward to a return to venue events that retain the unique personalities of each awards. Collaboration between these two prestigious award ceremonies will be evident and will ensure that a Grabby award means even more to those that win.”


The Prowler Porn Awards have for a number of years been the Gold standard of events across the Continent and the most sought-after trophy (and they are very expensive trophies at that) recognising the entire European adult industry. Previous winners have included the biggest studios, directors and hottest fetish men on the Continent including John Thomas, Viktor Rom, Dani Robles, Logan Moore and Paddy O’Brian who holds the record for the most trophies ever won. They are a live event held annually in London with a star-studded red carpet every May which has always been totally sold out. The event (and incredibly hot as hell pre plus after parties) are always been the hottest ticket around although they missed 2020 understandably due to the pandemic – this year they will be broadcast live from a professional TV Studio and be largely online. 

There are 3 stages – 2 of which nomination and public vote which fans can and do get involved in and it is well known as the biggest public vote in the gay universe. Stage 1 which began 1st March and is live now at www. is where any fan or member of the public can nominate any porn star or studio etc they like across all the categories for a month. The only criteria is they have to be based in Europe, be born in Europe or do the majority of their work in Europe. SO GET TO IT NOW and support all your favourite fetish stars that we feature in AT like Drew Dixon, Axel Abysse, Massimo Arad, Santi Noguera, JafarXXX, Pitbull, Pablo Y Sebas, Pete Masters, MikeyBoy, HungYoungBrit, Frankye T, Ale Tedesco, Johny Barewood, Ashley Ryder, Antonio Miracle, PigBoyRuben etc as well as those mentioned above or any other favourites that have kept you hard through the lockdown and indeed since the tail end of 2019. Absolutely any model, studio etc you like….the choices are entirely yours.

Stage 2 in April will be the public vote on the same website where the fan numbers really rack up and then in early May an elite International panel sit (including AT) to ensure that there has been no online skulduggery or Trump style voter manipulation and then the trophies are polished, engraved and ready for presentation to the stars at the celebrity award show on the 29th May 2021.


The GRABBY Awards are older than most of the stars that now win them starting 30 years ago in 1991 in print and have changed structure couple of times but are currently on a phenomenal run of big nights held also in May over Memorial Weekend in Chicago running for 22 live annual events. They are always hosted by AT favourites ChiChi LaRue and Honey West and are again this year. Now for well over a decade they have been run by the team at the very successful GRAB Magazine the biggest gay stars of the last 20 plus years have attended, had fun and won awards (The private industry after party in a massive penthouse suite is the hottest place AT has ever visited…the only media allowed in as we are discrete….and it is as glamorous, fun and sexy as you would expect a porn star party to be but what happens at the GRABBY’s stays at The GRABBY’s. 

Unlike the Prowlers the GRABBY’s held a great online event in 2020 giving trophies to AT favourites like Max Konnor, Skyy Knoxx, Michael Lucas, Allen King, Owen Hawk (Woof!), Jake Morgan (DOUBLE WOOF!) and Trenton Ducati plus many others. In the past the majority of the Awards have been decided by the bi-weekly GRAB  magazine but this year it is adopting the same system as in Europe so once again the fans are in charge of who wins and which stars will be crying into their lube, popper bottles and champagne glasses on the night. For these awards ensure the models and nominees are based or work largely in North America.

So, it is over to you guys NOW this month. If you think that AT contributors Rocco Steele or Cutler X have the best cocks, Michael Roman or Silver Steele have the best asses, or that Dolf Dietrich, Rhyheim Shabazz, Austin Wolfe, Dallas Steele, Brian Bonds, Teddy Bear or Will Angell are the hottest men on the planet and are the ones that get your sap flowing then now you can pay them back with your nomination and subsequent vote.

It seems likely that in successive years from hopefully 2022 that both the American and European events will be back to fully live venue fan and general public attended entertaining shows with probably just a few days between each event on each Continent and there will be a Phil Collins at ‘Live Aid’ type dash across the globe by many attending both shows and support parties. We predict that there will be One British Airways 10-hour flight between London and Chicago containing a couple of hundred massive gay porn stars flying between the pan-Continental shows probably breaking…..nay smashing any mile high club record that has ever existed.

Foe the industry which is now truly global, heavily digital and as big as ever (and have kept many going through the lockdowns) with welcome developments such as camming, streaming platforms like pornhub and X-Tube plus fansites like JustForfans and Only Fans that they had a World class award show with a global reach with true International coverage and as of this May with The GRABBYS America and The GRABBY’s Europe attracting the biggest players, stars, celebrities and sponsors this is truly something to be part of and AT will be there all the way as wherever there is fetish porn stars our reporters will not be very far away. 



Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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