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If there is one thing many of us long for, it is going out again and meeting our friends, family and fuck buddies. To put on that gear and reclaim the streets as our catwalk.

The past days a lot of news has dripped in on what to expect. The vaccine is ready, it’s working and we’re about to start inoculating people around the world, if not started already. But it has become clear that this doesn’t mean life will soon change to normal again.

The wee amount of vaccines that have currently been produced aren’t even enough to serve those who will receive it first in most countries: people working frontline in health care and those of older age.

For Germany and Belgium (and several other countries as wel) it is expected that the younger population (-50) among us will have to wait until the pre-summer months. And inoculating the entire population will take until the end of 2021. Some countries such as Spain plan to go quicker. But the availability of vaccines remains an Achilles heel in the project. The recent announcement of Pfizer that they would only be able to deliver 50% of the originally anticipated quantity is only one example of possibly more hiccups to follow.

The question is: When will authorities allow parties and big events again? And when will that be allowed without mouth mask? The answer is probably when numbers of new infections and hospital admissions remain very low for a longer period of time.

Alphatribe was in contact with a medical expert (a member of the community so we keep his name hidden for obvious privacy issues) who seriously doubts any big events or festivals will take place this summer. “It’s possible that a combination of the current vaccinations followed by low infection numbers and quick testing before entering the event may offer a solution. But the time is shortening for organizers to be able to set things up for summer 2021 and without the reassurance that their event can take place it’s an impossible risk to take right now.”

The first real option for a big event the expert saw was the Folsom Europe Street Fair, scheduled for the beginning of September in Berlin. “The fact that it’s an open air event is definitely in their advantage.” If the street fair would be accompanied by its big parties remains unsure. But over the past months Berlin has proven to be very creative when it comes to that. Just look at the open air B.East parties for instance or the outdoor parties by Lab.oratory.

There are possibilities. Fingers crossed for a smooth walk on the path that lies ahead. Make sure to book your cancellable hotel room for Berlin today.


Written by Alexander Müller


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