IPAH 2019

International Pup and Handler Competition

Guest Author: Pup Sirius, International Puppy 2019

What happens during IPAH?

The weekend is the coming together of everyone who is a part of the fetish community of pet play. Held as a private event in a hotel in Indianapolis, IN USA, and open to all as a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for all gender identities, race, nationality or other social categorizations.

The weekend jumps right in with several opportunities to socialize, including a pool party, Meet and greet, and Mosh space. Since the hotel is private, everyone is welcome to gear up, or even gear down to as much or little as you want. It is refreshing to see all attendees being comfortable and enjoying the judgement free and safe spaces. Besides the social aspects of the event, there are over 2 dozen educational series classes available for everyone to learn and participate in.

A vendor mart is also set up and open, offering all different kink and fetish products. Contestants comes from feeder contests held all over the world. 20 contestants from North America, Europe and Australian all came together to participate.

As a contestant you have a very busy schedule. After the Meet and Greet with the Judges, you move directly into the contest. Pop Questions, Speeches, and Show Ring Demonstration kick it off. Soon after is the official mosh, where the contestants are observed as they interact with the attendees on the mats.

The second day is no rest either, starting with Judging interviews. The keynote dinner and speaker help fuel the minds and body for the final push in the competition. Part two brings more speeches and the fantasy scenes, all which are amazing and entertaining to the audience.

Backstage a unique bond and comradery takes hold as all of the contestants feel the weight of the weekend and all come together to support each other. As the winners are announced, the weekend steps up to it’s highest level as everyone is ready to celebrate.

The party starts with a dance party where we all shake our tails on the dance floor. It then moves on to the (naked) pool party where all genders enjoy the relaxed space and fun and play ensues.

Sunday offers the victory brunch, where we all get to recover and share our experiences from the weekend. Reflection on all the people we have met, all the fun we had, and all that we learned is shared and reflected on as we wrap up the weekend and head back home.

Why did you enter the contest and what do you hope to do with the title?

I am the happiest when working in service to my community to create safe spaces and provide opportunity to help others learn and grow. I want to be able to expand my work in creating new safe, inclusive and welcoming spaces within the puppy community and make sure I bark loudly that “All are Welcome”.

Working to help educate those who don’t understand what makes Pup and Handler able to help people who have trouble finding their place in our world. While the title is not needed to do any of this, and I will always work to accomplish this goal after my title year, the title helps open doors to a larger audience with connections to other community leaders that will help bring my message to the front. 

Titleholders come from all over the US and Europe to compete. What is the extra responsibility of this title? 

Titleholders are representatives of their regions, and for the most part they will serve to help the community in that region. As an international titleholder, your primary job is to be highly visible and easily contactable as you are the ambassador to the community. Being outspoken on inclusion and diversity within our community, you will speak loudly when you see any discrimination, silencing, or shaming.

You are also a resource for regional titleholders. When they have questions or need help, you provide it or make a connection with them and someone who can help. Finally you will travel the world to bridge gaps, and ensure that everyone around the world knows that the pet play community is inclusive, safe, and welcoming to all, so come play with us!


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